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I have some questions concerning someone that was in the RAMC in Egypt in WWII and was wondering if anyone would know what the following things mean or stand for?
No 50 Mil Prison Deli BhorX(3).
In c/a from 18 9/45 to 14 10/45.
Section 15(1) Army Act.
82 Gen Hosp.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Ring Pete Starling at the AMS museum, Keogh Barracks Ash Vale Aldershot Hants. He will assist you with the info you are after.
Dont know if you really want to know as it may tarnish your opinion of someone, but you asked so here goes

Number 50 Military Prison (cant find any reference to Deli BhorX(3))
Under close arrest from 18th Sept 1945 to 14th Oct 1945.
Sentenced under Section 15(1) Army Act.
Home Unit 82 General Hospital.

is this what you were after
Thanks for the info, it is very helpful. Don't worry, it won't tarnish my opinion, I know he got up to no good.

There is info that I'm still trying to figure out;
where was Number 50 Military Prison?
What is Section 15(1) Army Act?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

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