RAMC Fun Day - Keogh Bks Sat 19 Jun 10

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Gracchus, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Mods - please can you make this a sticky?

    The second RAMC Fun day is being held at Keogh Barracks, on Saturday 19th June 2010, from 1000-1800hrs, as part of the RAMC Corps Weekend. The main event is an "It's a Knockout" competition between AMS units, but there are also plenty of other activities, including games for small children, traders' stalls; also a kiddies' fun fair, inflatable assault course, human skittles, bungee run, dodgems and other amusements. The AMS Museum and Shop will be open throughout the day, and we hope to have some modern military medical equipment on hand to amuse and interest the Old and Bold. There is no charge for any of the activities and attractions.

    For further information, phone Major Douglas Ralph on 01252 868851 or WO1 Hugo Cass on 01252 868862. Alternatively, just turn up, but do remember that you will need a form of ID to get into Keogh Barracks
  2. Sounds like a good day and if Doug Ralph has anything to do with it it more than likely will be...

    I think I'll make an effort for this one..
  3. Is this open to TA soldiers?
  4. Very much so, whether attending as individuals or as part of an AMS unit. RAMC personnel serving with non-AMS units should not feel excluded either.
  5. Keogh Brks and fun.....two words not often put together in a sentence but there you go.

    I should add of course that I am very much looking forward to it. The organising team are without doubt the finest
  6. I have been asked if the fun day open to those who used to be RAMC and transferred out when the AGC was formed?

    Very much so - the more the merrier.
  7. Can anyone come along, providing they have ID.....some of my mates want to go...
  8. Hope they have got St Johns Ambulance in to do the first aid tent,

    just a thought
  9. I don't think people on day release will be allowed
  10. As stated above, all serving and retired members of the RAMC, their friends and families are welcome to come along. So if they are with you, and are your friends, then they fit the criteria.
  11. Will there be any recruitment propaganda available? I have some friends interested in the RAMC so could be an ideal opportunity to get them involved.


  12. I know that the AMS recruiters are busy elsewhere, but I will make sure that there is a selection of bumph plus a few banners etc.
  13. Is it tied Army?
  14. This pretty much covers it:


    It is absolutely NOT Open House to anyone else who wants to turn up, except for those that meet the criteria set out above. So, to answer your question, it is in effect tied Army.

    But, if you are a member of another Corps, Arm or Service currently serving with an AMS unit that is attending the Fun Day, or invited as a friend by a serving or retired member of the RAMC, then you are welcome.
  15. I seem to remember there used to be some interesting stuff outside the School of Filth, drains, urinals, deep trench latrines etc.