RAMC Forage cap wanted

I need an RAMC Forage cap to wear with No 2s for Sandhurst TAPQO course passing out parade. Course starts 11th May but parade won't be for a fortnight after that. I have a big head (7 1/2 inch, 61 cm) so finding one secondhand or to borrow won't be easy.
Do you have one you could sell me, or rent to me? I doubt I'll ever need one again and am too tight fisted to part with £120 if there is any alternative!! I've got the badges and buttons but need the hat.
Thanks for the reply. Have tried ebay but not much there at present. I know the AMS museum has a stock of secondhand uniform and will try them when they are next open (Mon and Thurs 10-1230 01252 868639 Major Jones if anyone happens to need contact details) - but only a small stock so unlikely. Ben

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