RAMC female Mess Dress

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by armr617, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. For sale is the wife's RAMC Mess Dress.
    Height roughly 5'5 ish, dress size - 12-14

    Made by Costellos
    fitted with Sgt stripes & Collar dogs
    Worn a few times
    £200 courier to your door
  2. You'll get more interest if you post this in the Naafi bar section:biggrin:
  3. Why is she a size 10 now?
    Reason for sale?
  4. Didn't think NAAFI bar was for sale items!
  5. She's now a stinking civvi! Got out after maternity leave
  6. Is it still for sale and how long until it can get delivered?
  7. Glad to see I don't get notifications anymore!
    Sorry gabriellesmummy- it's still available- but I'm guessing you're already sorted?
  8. Hi, I know this was forever ago, but do you still have it? I am looking for one.
  9. Still available, you have a PM
  10. Did this go? i am looking for one also
  11. i have emailed sherpabear, if she doesnt respond within a week then ill get back to you.

    been to lazy to stick it on ebay.........
  12. Sold to sherpabear