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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Fortysomething, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. Hello all. I have been asked to attend an interview with a local RAMC Unit, and hope to become a driver. Does anyone know whether RAMC drivers work in a purely transport role, or do also assist in the Nurses/CMTs in a medial capicity?

    Ex. RAF Mountain Rescue Troop, now :rmp: in my forties and bored with civi life!
  2. I know medics have drivers but I believe they are RLC capbadged.
  3. Many thanks! I would be happy either way - just keen to get involved. Cheers
  4. you will have to learn all the kit so that if a medic asks for it while treating someone you know what there on about
  5. CMT's also drive, but Med Regts also have driver Rad Ops. CMT's generally drive the BFA's as Dvr Rad Ops man the FFRs.
  6. and put tents up.
  7. only put tents up
  8. or paint boxes
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  10. RLC drivers can also be medically trained.
  11. I WISH I could paint a box.

    Seriously though, a good med regt will put you on your team medic course. A good med regt will also ensure you know about the kit so you can assist the CMT's as well.

    Just stay away from Preston. It's probably the worst Sqn in the RAMC there.
  12. now now. that was a bit uncalled for
  13. An
  14. you forgot to mention the thing about putting tents up(and down, and up,and down,and up, and down, then repeat several times)
  15. Thank for all your advice - I'm off to join the RNR! (...would never happen)