RAMC Dress Regulations

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by kiwi_vista, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have an electronic copy of the RAMC dress regulations which they could send to me?
  2. I always thought it was sort of greenish for us was good enough, having said that line up two dozen doctors up and I doubt we would get a matching pair
  3. Why spoil dress down weekday with Regulations in any case??
  4. Is there anyone on here who remembers the MDHU FP unit photo that never was? I know Alfie Fizz and Filbert Fox were on it.

    Unit photo in working dress, nurses & HCAs turned up in ward dress, ODPs, Lab techs & X-ray techs in shirt sleeved barrack dress, phys med SSgt turns up in olive green shirt & old style combat jacket, physios & admin types are in CS95 and then the doctors arrived, some in barrack dress with cherry jumpers & tie, jumpers & no tie, no jumper & no tie, no jumpers with ties and a mixture of berets, hats and those who hadnt brought any headress with them.

    The picture was arrse, in the end the female CO cancelled the order for any copies that had been requested.
  5. Where is this picture?

    For the sake of all that is good and holy, I demand to see this picture, I will not rest until I have.
  6. Which trouser leg is it though? :? If you guess wrong then I'll call you a masonic walt. :threaten: :p

  7. Soooooooooooooo much of this picture is wrong....................!!
  8. If you can get onto ArmyNet, Go onto the Army Electronic Library (AEL). Then into G1.

    Army Dress Regulations, Part 4 (Royal Army Medical Corps)

    However, I am sure the RAMC will have Corps Memorandum which will contradict everything stipulated (Just like everyone else) :D
  9. And of course; a consultant (Lt Col) in grey plastic shoes. Nice.
  10. Ha! so true.... so many doctors or OF4+ wear what they consider to be close enough!! ho ho
  11. Whats the score with doctors attached to other arms? I saw a RAMC doctor wearing a blue RA jumper (with RA epaulettte badges) and RA stable belt the other day.
  12. And thats surprised you fella?!!

    Lets be honest MO's look like fools when they are in civvys so its no wonder anything complicated like dress regs, gets thrown out the window when they need to get in green kit, or should that be green and maroon or maroon and beige or...........what ever they flaming feel like!!!!!!!

    To be honest as long as they stick to the Medical Centre and don't get deluded and try to get an admin job, and when they get deployed on Ops do and wear what the RAP Sgt/Section Commander tells em, then we should all let em get on with it!!
  13. HQ RAMC will have one, you could always be adventurous and phone them and ask.
  14. I've got ask this as you have posted nothing since. . . . WHY?

    Why do you think anything has changed? (you should see our last unit photo with RAF, Army, Navy & civies, I don't think anyone has the same dress code). Mind you, our clinical dress is still shirt sleeved barrack dress, however I can no longer get any shirts, so I'm not really ever sure what I should wear instead. I've been trying to get tunics, but I refuse to wear the QA ones. Oh well, I'll keep doing what I'm doing until someone tells me different.