RAMC Corps Sunday!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by cylon_lover, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. cylon_lover

    cylon_lover Old-Salt

    I was wondering what other units were doing for corps sunday. I just went to ours and to be honest was a bit dissapointed It was basicaly a roman Catholic Mass and the word RAMC was mentioned maybe five times, nothing mentioned about our proud history or the people we have lost in recent years.

    Afterwards was a curry lunch which was good but minimal attendance.
  2. phredd

    phredd Clanker

    Cylon lover:-
    That now seems to be the way, not only of the world, but also of the Army :- Dont mention 'it' and 'it' will go away.
    I proud Corps decimated by the few in Whitehall.

    Phredd (one day I will learn how to spell Fred)
  3. medman82

    medman82 Crow

    Nothing seems to have changed since I left the RAMC in 2004 after my 22 years of loyal blahdy blahdy blah.

    Every year it was the same apathetic display. People were "forced" to attend rather than volunteer, then, as soon as the service finished people seemed to vanish into thin air. No hanging around for a chinwag and a catch up at the curry lunch, either in the Mess or the Junior ranks dining hall

    Maybe things will change in the future and our Corps will take time to remember its fallen comrades...but unfortunately...I don't think it will.

    Regards to all

    Medders ( still going strong ish)
  4. phredd

    phredd Clanker

    Makes me think I was in a different army to yours, or was the era wrong. IDK.
  5. 1I_Willy

    1I_Willy Clanker

    Im att. to TA Fd Hosp that is obv predominantly grey mafia and although we hinted about Corps weekend it never even got a mention. Maybe its cos our Reg Offr are all commissioned from other Arms and couldn't give a toss and like to remind you that their Corps/Arm was so good.
  6. c0kecan

    c0kecan Old-Salt

    Not in the North East are we??? If so then i agree.

    The curry lunch was attended by very few, mainly because the other capbadges that were made to go did not show up after ther service.

    Mentioning no names The commanding Officer , Business Manager, Unit 2 I/C
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Just about sums up the AMS, were Officers and Soldiers see Corps Sunday as an inconvenience and not as time a time to reflect on past glories and fallen comrades. Which it seems reading this site, the very idea is now frowned upon.
    I am sure certain RSM’s drive home the AMS ethos and am able to pass on some pride in being part of the AMS/ RAMC.
  8. cherryhamblin

    cherryhamblin Old-Salt

    Ventress is right the RAMC are very good at puting themselves down and bowing down to everyone elses traditions and whims and this will never change whilst the hierachy are either jelly backs or TFIs.
  9. scousekeegan

    scousekeegan Clanker

    Its sad that Corps Sunday is viewed in manner. I remember in basic at sunny keogh to always be proud of the cap badge you wear and everything that goes with it. All this should come from the top down and a real effort to remember the true values of what Corps Sunday is all about. I suppose its the same old story that no one was to take responsibility for anything. Am I wrong?
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Only a few years ago, the Corps would on mass, desend on Keogh, practice a Drumhead parade for a week, (Even BAOR units) do a Corps Athletics meeting and have a Church Service. Now, I am sure 85% of the RAMC could even recite the Corps Birthday.

    Before the rightous "serving" Members sound off about deployments, lack of units, lack of time, lack of money, a fractured unled civilian based outposts, lack of the will to drive Corps day onward, the fact it messes up the weekend off, plus it's easier just not to bother and all the other reasons why we cant be bothered- Its Corps Day that should be celebrated and used as rememberance.

    Regiments guard their anniversaries with a passion that is sadly lacking from the RAMC.

    But hey, I have my time and really shouldn't even be airing my opinions on this site, according to some "sages". But in 24 years you get a feel for things and the way they should be done. But in reality this counts for nothing.

    In Arduis Fidelis
  11. phredd

    phredd Clanker

    [align=center]Well said young-un :wink: ^^^^^^^^
    Phredd 'of AMS fame' :lol:
  12. Sky-Monkey

    Sky-Monkey War Hero

    As much as it pains me - and it does, believe me - I have to agree with Ventress's points. I find it truly lamentable that there is no Corps Sunday as was. I always thought that the reason that we didn't have a drumhead at Keogh anymore was because it went purple. Turns out that the deal with DMETA was that we could keep the drumhead at Keogh but it would seem that the nobody has bothered their hoop since. Shocking really. 8O
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Perhaps we should be asking the new Regt'l Secretary and RSM to kick some arrse to get it up and running again?
  14. Sky-Monkey

    Sky-Monkey War Hero

    Well, they can only do better than those last two numbskulls who were in post. I hope 4 GS is ready...

    Anyway, I wondered when you'd show up - decided to join at last? How's life dahn Sarf?!
  15. cherryviper

    cherryviper Old-Salt

    Corps Sunday as well as Remeberance Sunday are seen as a chore to most of the people that are currrently serving in our great corps..... gone are the days of drumhead at Keogh where we all came together.

    We held a parade in our Gym as the facilities out here are not the greatest yet very few of the Corps turned up, infact it got that desperate that it was renamed AMS Corps sunday to see if we could encourage the QA's amongst us to turn up, needless to say few did as they have already had their day.

    I am not regulary a church go'er although I do turn up twice a year on above said Sundays as a mark of respect for those that have served and given their lives.