RAMC & Colour Blindness

(my first post... be gentle)

I've just finished my 3 year BSc degree and I'm about to start my first year of medical school in late september, I'm hoping to join the RAMC ideally at my second/third year stage when I can apply for the competitive bursary and a short comission. If I can't get the bursary I still plan to apply when I graduate.

As the topic title suggests I have a form of colourblindness which for those in the know is called deuteranomoly (green weakness, everything seems redder, my big issue is with stuff in the blue/pink/purple region - basically I can't see purple, it either looks like navy blue or dark pink.)

Is this going to be a big roadblock to me joining the RAMC, should I resign myself to a career in the NHS? If the army won't have me I assume the RAF won't touch me... what about the Navy?

Thanks for your help.
Try the RAMC Forum or joining up you should get a better idea there but not at 01:00 in the morning their a sleepy lot. Good luck.

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