RAMC CMT and CRB checks

Hi All,

I am currently going through the process of joining the army and have my final interview this week.
I have the understanding to be a CMT you are subject to an enhanced CRB at some point during training. I have been in trouble in
my passed but am ok to proceed with my application in general according to my afco.

Does any one know the process if the RAMC are not satisfied with my disclosure after I have started training?

Thanks in advance for any replys/help.
Sometimes there are concerns if you have been in trouble in the past. One of my friends had been in trouble for smacking some off duty old bill and he had to write a letter to some Colonel I think explaining that he has changed and sorted his life out etc.

In summary, it depends what it is - if your AFCO give you the go ahead then you'll probably be ok.

This is gen up info by the way, I am currently serving in the RAMC.
May not be so straightforward. Offences carry 'lifes' and are deemed spent after a certain time has passed. Some will never be spent. You are starting off right by being totally up front about this. But, non AMS recruiting staff regularly get it wrong, so do ATR staff. If you want to pm me the details and dates of your offence I will give you the definitive answer.
Good luck!
As long as it has nothing to do with abusing vunerable children or adults, assault, sexual related or any major then I believe you should be ok, if it is a minor offence then it will likely be looked over, noted but not actioned unless you so something similar during your time as a medic.
But, non AMS recruiting staff regularly get it wrong, so do ATR staff.
Quite right!! Knew of a lad about two years that got as far his phase two CMT training and had to re-trade or given an admin discharge as he failed his CRB(E).
He had been involved in an armed robbery, his part in this crime was looking after the get-away vehicle - a bicycle!! (no joke)
ECRB is also based on police intelligence. You don't necessarily need to be convicted of anything to fail if your name has cropped up in investigations or you've got dodgy family/friends.