RAMC Cherry backing when attached.

Hello All,

Recently rebadged to RAMC within my RAC (TA) unit. I'm trying to find out about the headdress requirements.

My unit currently wear their cap badge summounted upon a coloured square backing.

Do I place the cherry backing on top of the coloured backing or just place the RAMC capbadge onto the units headress without the cherry backing.

Obviously I don't want to offend anyone by doing the wrong thing, regimental traditions being something I am keen on upholding. I'm aware the attached medic usually wears the headress of the unit they are attached to but I'm not sure on the rules if that unit already has a badge backing.

Sorry for the bone question, no other RAMC people at my unit to ask! My SQMS mentioned it tonight and he has loads of experience across a few units and wasn't sure himself.
If it is a regimental head dress like a tam o shanter or other funky head dress then I would just stick the cap badge in with no backing, if however it is a dark blue beret I would be inclined to stick to the RAMC dress and have the cherry backing without the units square. What are the clerks wearing at the unit? Green or the unit beret with their badge? that should act as a gauge to what you should be wearing.
You wear the cherry backing over the top of the host unit 's headwear (as per the Corps Dress Regs encase anyone has a drama with it).
I had 4 years attached to a (dark) blue beret inf mob with a green patch on it, I had my cherry backing on top of that and then the capbadge . . . Simples
I wore the cherry backing with ToS/ glengarry, when attached 1 Royal Scots many moons ago. no-one said anything. theyalso used to wear stable belts over their jumpers but i never did, nor the other attached REME, RLC, AGC soldiers..

When attached to the RHA, normal beret but used to wear RHA shoulder titles on ye olde jersey HW.

Is it stil the ruling that attached arms can wear one piece of unit's uniform?
Actually you wear the headress and badge backing of the unit you are attached too and the RAMC cap-badge (without cherry backing) ..............some will argue this but CURRENT dress Regs are clear, Cap-badge to be worn, TRF to be worn (with MTP) and Stable Belt to be worn (with the new Barrack Dress) in SSO. Cherry backing is to be used when no other Regimental backing (ergo 205 Fd Hosp etc) is predominant.

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