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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Uesrname, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Hi all

    I was hoping someone could tell me something about joining in this role. Thanks.
  2. What would you like to know? The job will depend on what your speciality is and how qualified you are!
  3. Hi Medicalfool, thanks for your reply. Basically if they're recruiting at the mo, and what they're looking for! I am a 27 year old graduate in astrophysics. I worked in this field for a few years before growing dissatisfaction caused me to pack it all in.

    I was very conscious while working in research that what I was doing had absolutely no application, and was therefore a little bit pointless, in a sense. Biomedical science seems perfect, still get to work in a science background but doing something with a point.
  4. they are recruiting, check out www.armyjobs.mod.uk and it will give you a little more information about what is entailed! If your already a graduate there may be options to do a one year masters in Biomed in a speciality of your choice alternatively you may need to do a BSc in biomed in portsmouth, however it will depend on how well you do in the BARB test whether or not you will be able to do this job! Both options are worth exploring and depending on the area of your interest wil depend on the demand for that job! Its worth ringing the local careers centre and arranging an interview to discuss your options which can be found in google or armyjobs or www.army.mod.uk

    I hope this helps.
  5. Thanks, that's very helpful!
  6. To be honest, the competiton for the few limited posts available will be hard as some candidates turn up with MSc's in Biomedical Science related topics! So you will either have to be very good or convince them that you are very good!

    Do you have a Biomedical degree of any sorts or just astro-physics?
  7. The job no longer depends on your speciality as we are all now multi-disciplined apparently....... the route on which to become a BMS will soon be changing but will still involve going to Uni and passing a Military course at the School of BMS currently situated in Gosport but likely to move in the very near future. I was the last of the trainees to do the VIVA now they all take part in a Portfolio approach and having completed that then need to go on and do a specialist portfolio.

    As above, the trade has limited numbers for entrants and a number have been turned down in the past even though they have already a non accredited BMS qualification (that is where the top up year described in your first answer is required).
  8. In my day we were always multi-disciplined, did it change at some time ? PS I was a Lab Tech 1983 to 1996 finishing as a SSgt.
  9. A very fat SSgt too ;-)
  10. Yeah it changed when we lost our foothold on military medicine and the Degree was introduced. Granted we were still trained as "Multidisciplinary" (using that term loosely though) BMS rotating through the main disciplines on a 3 month rota but, the degree prior to it becoming what it is now, required you to specialise in one of those disciplines.

    Those that chose Microbiology spent their last year prior to qualifying from Uni in their chosen discipline as did the other disciplines therefore not keeping up to speed with the other disciplines.

    I believe it has changed again since I qualified in 2005 but have not really had anything to do with trainees or the NHS since then to keep up to date with what they are doing anymore, thankfully I am in one of the 2 Military establishments we have left and therefore have the opportunity to carry out a multidisciplinary role (although much of it is paperwork now)
  11. Oi, chicken legs, less cheek or I'll come and hunt you down, not exactly thin one-self are we !!!!!!! Half the size now though with my second career, teaching self defence and public order, how to beat up crims and crusty's Ha Ha
  12. Sounds like a backwards step that, but suppose I shouldn't be surprised with all other things the politicians have done to the Corps and the Army in general, betraying our soldiers when thay are injured and maimed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  13. Mmmm have the Army decided to commission BMS yet? People with BSc/MSc's coming in to the field might find some ignoramus lording it over them a little hard to bare. Shame about RAM Coll. It's a farty art college now......gone are the days.................... Ps I remember 1983 well fatarse! :eek:)
  14. Nope, we are not commisioned and every BMS is now required to have a BSc as starting point gone are the HNC days.
  15. I had heard there is the possability of a BMS getting a commision to become an officer, from what I heard though you have to have years of experience and have a management role.