RAMC ASB -Help!!


I've got my ASB on tues, starting to get reeaaally nervous - only been planning for this day for the last 8 years, so it's a bit daunting now it's finally here. So any top tips, advice etc would be VERY much appreciated!!
Also, in terms of current affairs, has anyone any idea of the 'hot topics' the board are likely focus on?

Thanks in advance!

hey. i took my ramc asb in april so have recent experience.
sounds easy in practice but try and relax and be confident. some people where postponed on april board because they wern't confident when talking to the board (but don't be over confident/cocky).
there are four memebrs of the board. generally first they like to ask about you, who you are, sport, leisure time etc. just to settle you in and get you talking. next they talk about your uni course and how you are academically etc. then they check out that you know how long the commission is and if you know only certain speciallties are available.
finally comes to the 'hot topic' bit. at april board, all the people i spoke to didn't really get current affairs issues so much (although best to be read up). most people there was more a discussion of some issue like terrorism, environmentalism, miltary leadership, nuclear defence. they like to go kind of philisophical and try and trap you in a corner to check that you can think a bit. it is not as hard as it sounds, honestly!! if you are a bit knowledgable about the military, army and current affairs you should be fine.

hope that helps and it all goes well.
Hot topics: Clinical Governance, management of care (and the Institute of Health Management)... and check out the "Ex GRIFFIN FOCUS" thread for the latest on the CSH if you want to really impress them.


P.S. But don't forget that the ASB members also read ARRSE...

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