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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by sanderslr, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. I have my interview for a medical cadetship on Tuesday next week and was wondering if anyone could offer any hints and tips?
    Thank you in advance.
  2. Thanks Karabiner. Are the current affairs questions likely to be closed or more open, such as 'Could you tell me about....'?
  3. Well I had it today, I didn't fail but I didn't get it either so I have to attend another interview.
    I basically made a bit of a hash of one of the questions and unforunately ended up blurting out that I wouldn't always follow orders, which isn't what I meant to say... I was meaning that if I didn't trust the intentions of the CO (for example, if what he was asking me to do was illegal or I didn't think he was in a correct mental state) I wouldn't do it, but unfortunately I didn't convey it in that manner in the heat of the interview. That then threw me for the euthansia question which I had thought about in detail but my mind went blank.
    I think they also noticed I was slightly uncomfortable when they probed about my background, but I couldn't really understand how the title my mother wished to go by was relevant to my suitability for the RAMC.
    Also no current affairs which I was very disappointed with - I could have talked about Iran for the full half hour!
    At least I they are bringing me back though, and I hope by returning I show that I am commited to being an Army doctor, and I shall take their feedback on board.
  4. Because 'Queen of England' has already been taken and the Military are quite touchy about that sort of thing.
  5. Indeed. The title in question was 'Ms'
  6. It was just at the end the Col. chairing the board (the DGAMS was busy) questioned why I put my mother down as 'Ms' on my application board and how I saw her as a 'Ms'?!
  7. If you don't mind me asking, how long did you have to wait for your interview after passing your main board? Have you just finished MB2?
    I'm sitting my main board in july and am quite keen to get my interview as soon as afterward... (presuming I pass of course, I do live in hope!)

    Also, how long is the interview itself? Are the interviewers kind, gentle sorts?

    Apologies for the barrage of questions!
  8. Well I passed my board in 2006.... I do believe some people got their interview after just a few months, but I know they are already booking onto the April board so I guess it would be that one. Fingers crossed I might even be on that one too. It depends how full they get.
    I have just finished MB2 yes so starting clinical next year.
    Good luck for the board, it is physically and mentally demanding (as I'm sure you are aware) but I actually rather enjoyed it.
    The interview was about half an hour. There are 5 interviewers, all high brass. Not so much kind and gentle but I guess it's their job to pressure you and grill you a bit. I found a couple of them quite nice who others found horrible and vise versa. The non-medical officer is the one that does the main grilling (about half the interview time).
    No worries, any other questions feel free to ask.
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Having been involved (on the periphery) with this particular board, I came away somewhat unimpressed with the interviewing style and techniques involved. I had no particular problem with the med side of life but the non-med Col really needs to go away and think about his questioning style and ask himself what it is he's actually trying to achieve. Given that all candidates attend AOSB, this particular chap seems to want to create AOSB all over again in the space of ten minutes but with his own personal agenda. Barracking and barking at candidates creates an air of 'I'll just give him the answer he wants' and reduces their answers to either yes or no which, when you're trying to find out something about the person in front of you, gives you nothing to work with.

    Quite a few candidates came out of the board complaining that they never managed to tell them what they are really like which is hardly surprising given that the Col involved spends most of his time simply barking at people with little or no regard for the responses. He almost seems to revel in the fact that he has some fresh blood in front of him to intimidate and control. Any decent interviewer will understand that the onus is on him to get the information out of the candidate not vice-versa. That's not to suggest that the candidate should play a passive part, far from it but the interviewer should have a standard question set (deviation from that is fine but parity is crucial) and be mindful that it is his job to get the information he requires in order to make an informed decision.

    Time to make a change methinks. By all means keep the professional element of the post-AOSB selection board but bin or change the role of the non-med bloke. He should not be playing a central role in the process given that AOSB has already established the candidates suitability for a commission through an extremely well established process. Many will probably disagree but as interviewing techniques are a bit of an anorak of mine, thought I'd throw it into the pot.
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Cheers K, I remember suggesting that the ASB could be dispensed with but I think it was a case of too much too soon!
  11. I must say that in discussion with other candidates we did all say how it was odd the non-medical Col was on the board considering that we had all sat and passed AOSB. It did suprise me the amount of non-medical questions. Also we found it odd that we were asked different questions too. Another discrepancy I found was that the form we filled in before the interview regarding return of service and the requirement to use weapons etc. was done to save time in the interview (i.e. so the interviewers would not have to spend time discussing this) and yet they were mentioned in the interview too.
    This is not meaning to criticise too much though as I appreciate the hard job the board has and the need to select candidates who are likely to make good officers and doctors.
  12. Cheers for all the info there, I will take note. Sorry if I'm being slow on the uptake but sandersir what do you mean by April board? As in April 2010 before getting an interview?

    I thought the interview was a fairly quickly accessed, separate thing once a person has passed their brief and board, to determine whether or not you would get cadetship?
  13. You know what - this thread might simply be indicitive of the fact that we are near 100% recruitment and v close to making some more cuts.............................. sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I suspect some of those who attend for interview will not get through - thoughts anyone??
  14. If indeed the RAMC has an 100% recruitment position, hopefully they would wait til everyone had a go at an application/interview til they made a final decision regarding sponsorship. Otherwise a group of those who were "in the know" earliest may reap the benefits, however they may not be those best suited for the job.
  15. Come on then K. Who was the MSO Col? Give us a clue. I always find these things interesting.