RAMC ACF Units??????

Discussion in 'ACF' started by dui-lai, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi folks, I usually post over on the RAMC forum but have just joined you lot as an Instructor (Ssssshhhhhh an Officer one too!)

    Now, is there any RAMC ACF/CCF units out there?
  2. Ditton Det Kent ACF
  3. Any contact details?
  4. SE London Sector has one or two badged RAMC. I think it can trace its ancestry right back the first ever ACF detachment initiated by Octavia Hill. Walworth Road I think...

    They have also got 2 dets badged RMP, but they don't like to talk about them.
  5. Cheers folks, will look them up!
  6. There is one in Merseyside I believe.
  7. 201 RAMC Harrow Middx and NW West London ACF
    Their det OC is a nice chap ,additionally the staff officer for their company is ex RAMC and still wears the capbadge ask for Staff Officer 20 COY ACF based at white city
  8. There are a couple in Humberside and South Yorks ACF I believe.
  9. Whilst the ACF is a volunteer organisation, my knowledge of it is that they wil probably put you wherever you are needed. You may get a little preference if there's vacancies available but generally if the RAMC unit has a full complement of staff and there is a R SIGNALS unit 2-short, you'll be sent there.

    Very good book.