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Rambos Back!!

Ah good old Rambo, looks a little more bloody this time round though.


Book Reviewer
Nothing like a good look at peoples' insides too.
Still going strong at 61. I'm beginning to think Mr. Rambo is a cyborg.
Yeah that trailer (although to be honest its probably stuff that won't make the cut, just to get peoples attention?) is pretty full on gore.... can't wait woowoo!
There was an article in EMPIRE a couple of months ago. They had visited the set of Rambo and talked to Stallone. According to them, Stallone wanted to make this the most violent of all the Rambo movies. 8O

After the job he did with the last Rocky film, I'm looking forward to seeing how Rambo turns out. 8)
Trick_Boom said:
Looks good, glad they didn't use the original title I heard they going to use "Rambo: Through the eye of the snake" or something.
That would have been off the Gaydar! :D 8O
convoy_cock said:
Should have called it

"Rambo - I was a fcuking Draft Dodger"
Or(How I Avoided Fighting On)The Sands of Iwo Jima, starring John Wayne? :twisted:
I assume that this edition will not be dedicated to "The brave peoples of Afghanistan"?


Book Reviewer
On exerecise in 2003 with the NY National Guard
We are going back to camp on the bus and they stick on Rambo three with the 'Brave people of Aghanistan' dedication on it
A voice at the back shouts
See it's your own fukcing fault
I think our genial hosts joined in with the laughter :D
Biscuits_Brown said:
I assume that this edition will not be dedicated to "The brave peoples of Afghanistan"?
There is a Director's Cut, which is dedicated to the "Brave peoples of the USSR"! :twisted:

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