Rambo (4)

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Trip_Wire, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. That's interesting, Trippy. I thought they were still on making the film. Looks good, though. I might even go and see it when it comes out.

  3. looking old isnt he!
  4. That's prolly because he is old. :D :D :D

  5. Was i the only one to get movment in my purple headed womb ferret when he pulled that blokes throat out?

    I loved the attacking soon signature at the end to.
  6. I'd still do him!!

    Film is looking good, anyone know when its hitting the screens. Heard it is July.
  7. Nice to see he's still doing thing's that would make a Billy Goat puke !
  8. I liked the bit where he opened up with the 50 cal at the driver, he came apart quite well!
  9. Point blank with the .50...NICE!
  10. Not quite sure why the guy blessed him, we all know that God didn't make him, it was Col. Trautman. :wink: :roll:
  11. Seems alot more gore for your Bucks..Nice... :wink:
  12. One too many steroid or hormone injections or it could be that he's 60!

    Either way he still blows sh*t up which gets the thumbs up in my book!
  13. Wasn't Rambo converted to Buddism by Rambo III?
  14. He became a buddist in vietnam after he watched some monks rescue wounded soldiers during some battle, however being half Italian he was brought up a Roman Catholic... I'll get my coat.
  15. You bloody Spotter! :)