Ramblings of a boss dog (available on Amazon)

This is a short autobiography and covers my times in BAOR, in the TA, and into industry where I was involved in defence electronics for over 47 years.

The reference to being a boss dog refers to my times as a dog interviewer with Dalmatian Welfare, I interviewed over 200 Dalmatians and only got nibbled once, not a good move on his paty, he was castrated the next day!

Hope you enjoy the read.
Invariably they had applied to be food thieves, a typical Dalmatian trait, the guy who nibbled me was at RAF Scampton, and I did work at Catterick too.

The dogs recognise a boss dog, can be interesting going through airports!

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What in the name of Jesus's holy ******* pyjamas are you whittering on about?

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