Ramadan, Saddams former henchman, had a good idea

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by londonirish, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. I won't hear any talk that thest people, inhabiting the cradle of civilisation, as they do, are at all backward, however, some old ideas do make sense.

    Beyond summary executions of political opponents, which we in the Biritish Isles were not averse to not so long ago, I think that Mr. Ramadan, who was hung three weeks ago, had at least one good idea 5 years ago.

    Here it is.

    International derision? How so? Even though he was a slimy toad, it was a seemingly heart-felt and honest challenge. Had it ocurred, whatever the outcome, it might have saved many lives.

    Did the derision stem from the fact that those in power in the west are lilly-livered and don't fancy a scrap themselves?

    I think we should be told....
  2. Any views?
  3. Nice one, picture the scene. George Dubya backed by His Tonyness vs. President Muhammud Whatshisface backed by Ayatollah Thingybob. Choice of weapons - a glowing rod of depleted uranium!
  4. Amusing as this would be to see I'm sure that the Health and Safety nazis would have something to say about risk assessment...
  5. Methinks someone's been watching Hot Shots perchance?
  6. Perhaps that is where Mr Ramadan got the idea from....

    Just imagine..."choose your weapons Gentlemen" says Kofi the ref. The evil Saddam unsheaths a wicked looking curved scimitar. He smiles, and strokes his moustache.

    Tony smiles engagingly, and muttering something about the crusades, takes a mighty mace from the back of the Number 10 Rangerover.

    Being unfamiliar with its weight, Tony falls over on the first swing, and the evil saracen Saddam, in a whirl of glittering curved steel, chops off his head.

    Tony's head is erected atop a Shell/BP joint-venture wind turbine outside Bahgdad, the seconds are invited to a nice lamb supper, and everyone goes home happy :)

    Business as usual....if only.