Ramadan a ding-dong

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by miracle, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Ah the things that people do cos the sky fairy says so, religion never fails to make me realise how stupid people are!
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  2. CHANNEL 4 yesterday said it will screen a Muslim call to prayer every day during Ramadan — so that they could get some cheap publicity and with any luck encounter a mong of the calibre of the chap who wants Britain to be 'bout British or his chum who finds symbols on microphones strangely distressing complaining about it so they can make a really cool & funny continuity broadcast.
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  3. The stupidity comes from organisations such as Channel 4 who pander to it in order to be seen to be embracing diversity.

    If Islam was a smaller scale affair, it would be recognised for what it is - a mindless and invidious cult.
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  4. We have a fourth TV channel now?

    How marvellous, is the content superior to the other three?
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  5. More relevant to what? More relevant in what way? Who put the underpants in Mrs. Murphy's stock pot?

    Answers come there none.
  6. ^What he said.

    Channel 4 to air daily Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan | Media | guardian.co.uk

    Looks like the muslims will have to set their alarms to be reminded about ramadan. Ironically.
  7. I wish Ramadan was a blokes-only thing. There are some fucking lush-looking Arab women around here at the moment, it would be lovely if their husbands were otherwise occupied with holy-rolling for a month.
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  8. I'm fine with the peaceful religion's prayer/mumbo-jumbo caterwauling being aired live, just so long as the Channel 4 male newsreaders get circumcised live on air at Yom Kippur. Done the proper religious way of course - no anaesthetic.

    Ethnic diversity and all that, can't be seen to be favouring one lot over the other.
  9. You duurteee bastard
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  10. So, just like Christianity then?

    A crap telly channel is showing something at 3 in the morning when most people are in bed anyway. Is that really worth getting worked up over.

    There's plenty of shit on the tellybox that I don't want to watch. I've had this genius idea for avoiding getting upset by it.
    I turn the channel over or even turn the telly off.
    Crazy radical thinking, I know.

    Sent in a harsh font, using finger paints
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  11. Quite.

  12. off-switch.jpg

    Mind you if you are watching Channel 4 at 03:00 then maybe you couldn't operate one of those.
  13. To suggest that the Muslim call to prayer was 'more relevant' than the Diamond Jubilee is going to doubly incense those who are going to be offended by the broadcast in the first place.