Ram it

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 2, 2005.

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  1. Which is why so many of our Armed Forces are denied the right to take part in our own democratic process?

    Ram it you hypocrite.
  2. In what way?
  3. Cos he's a lying piece of s-hit who only sees the Armed Forces as a device to assist in his increasingly deluded view that he is a world statesman.
  4. see: Postal Ballot paperwork arrived WHEN ?!?
  5. I think what he meant was:

    "our entire lives" - the Labour Party.

    "our children" - the Bliar brood of drunkards and comprehensive school dodgers.
  6. So people of Iraq can say in this situation: if your democracy is so unperfect (despite the fact that it is so old) then why do you use brutal force to establish its copy on our soil?

    It is up to Iraqis to establish democracy or any regime that they prefer.

    Btw, how fair is British electoral system? Anybody who lives in preferably Conservative constituency literally is voided his right as a voter (and it is absolutely the same situation in Laborist constituencies).

    Proportional system is not good too. You can't vote for concrete person and there is a danger that there would not be clear majority to form stable government.

    A compromise system (as in Germany where 50/50 system is used) was used in Russia. But recently it was changed to proportional system. As for me it is the worst system and mixed one is the best.

    Would be military voters more active if current British electoral system would be changed.
  7. Well just like the old ussr in iraq under saddam the people had no choice
    in what system they lived in .Democracy worse system except compared to all the others .
  8. possibly more to do with the fact that nobody in the armys tells you how to go about getting a vote.
    ok the instructions may be clear and simple but as there on the north face of pen-y-fan buryied four foot down in peat bog in an ammo tin labelled do not open :twisted:
  9. Of course Dzerzhinskiey

    And totally by co-incidence, a shed load of Armed Forces personnel, who weren't briefed on, or were unaware of the changes, have now lost the right to vote.

    Forces personnel registered to vote, has actually dropped by over 60%

    Still, maybe if they all used their proxies eh?

    Oh hang on, they'd have to REGISTER first.

    Oh and before I forget...

    Ram it Blair, you oily little insincere patronising oik, you work for US remember?
  10. Yes, Winston Churchill said that

    But each people has right to try. Implemented democracy is an absurd.
  11. Wonder how many votes the latest casualty in Iraq will cost Blair?

    No such thing as a good time for such a thing but I can imagine Campbell trying to play down the whole Iraq issue as much as possible in the next few days but no chance now.
  12. I had the displeasure of viewing the lying sh!t himself on BBC news.

    He assumed a slightly trembling voice and said in a slow and affected manner that his thoughts went out to the family and it wasn't right to say anything else.

    The tw@t then spouted on for another 30 seconds about being proud of the armed forces doing their duty, the normal sort of hollow crap.

    Is there not a deranged assassin out there waiting to have a pop?
  13. I really hope Blair's oldest kid joins up, and they send him straight to Iraq/Afghanistan/Sierra Leone/whatever he might start to give a sh1t about our troops then.
    Although i'm not evil enough to wish any harm on anyone's son.