Rallying Landrovers - worthwhile?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Outstanding, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Saw big spread in soldier. Now whiolst I completely approve of Navigational night driving exercises, which are without question both of military value and excellent training; I cannot say the same for rallying landrovers.

    It seems such a second rate and amateur waste of time and money.
  2. Watch out frog, Major Pa*****e will come run you down!!
  3. It may be a waste of time and money but to the people taking part it probably provides an additional incentive. I should imagine that compared to the amount of money wasted every day by HM Forces the amount is tiny.
  4. Rallying landrovers for the army also keeps the army in the public eye and like any sport creates team building and boost morale.
  5. And (I don't know) down hill skiing (for example) is of military value and excellent training? Or Snow boarding? Or Kabbadi, a ARMY team no less, has recently bean to India (also covered in Soldier, possbily the same issue).

    Are the parachuting centres of Bad Lippringe and Nether Avon also good to be shut? After all when was the last time the Paras dropped in uninvited on the OpFor let alone anyone else.

    And the sail training centres at Kiel and Gosport? We is the Army not the Navy.

    Or the extensive Para gliding programe in Bavaria.

    The British Army Motoring Association (or the rather fun sounding BAMA) organises rally event all around the Army. All you need is GS and your in. The vehicles need to be in tip top shape.

    During the events your driving skills are tested not just off road but also on road. And your co-driver is perhaps a lot more active than on most drives.

    The Roses on the other hand compete in national level rally events, providing not only an outlet for the very best of the BAMA drivers but also a KAPE role.

    All of the above sports (and I'll add MotorCross, as my regt have a team) test individuals, build up confidence, and promote military abilities and skills. Note they promote them, not give them.

    And of course they often excellent KAPE tools and often an incentive to stay in the Army no matter how sh1t it gets. After all. Joe Civvie doesn't get a chance to carry these sports out for peanuts AND get paid for the hardship does he :p

    Outstanding, stop bitching about other blokes "wasting" money and join in a sport or activity. Enjoy life.
  6. OS, do you enjoy a bit of skiing, diving, watersports or some other Adv Trg or sporting activity on the Army's time? Why criticise someone's choice of "character building" and team building activity. Get rid of this and where do you stop? Such narrow mindedness is typical of today's society. I dont understand it so lets ban it!
  7. Shhhhhh.

    Best not tell Outstanding about that time I went rafting in Africa. :D

    Or sailing on an exped in New Zealand.... :D

    Or canoeing in South America..... :D

    Or Skiing in..... the Cairn Gorms :?
  8. Downhill Sking in a Landrover, no one would touch the military, as they would be the only ones crazy enough to try it AGAIN? .. .. :wink:
  9. And climbing Everest last year.


    Far too expensive and nil military value to anyone but the Artic and Mountain Warfare Cadre.
  10. Hang on is all the sexy stuff not what we joined for?..oh and the green stuff of course
  11. I joined for stagging on the gate.

    But stayed for areas.
  12. Are you ever in uniform? .. .. :wink:
  13. Good post.

    But isnt it BAFMA these days? Just an **** point.

    Rallying Land Rovers should NOT however be confused with the exercises organised by BAFMA, Ex Roadmaster etc as these are definately not Rallying.

    Good fun when organised properly.
  14. OI! TOAD!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Some things are worth doing just for the sake of doing them. In the big scheme of things the cash outlay isn't that high - and the team do have sponsorship I believe.

    Good PR, good skills, good training. Jobs a good 'un.
  15. I try not to be CB!!! Alas I didn't get to go to Everest, although I'd have torn their arm off given the chance!!!!!

    AT courses (not bomb doctoring :) ) best courses to get, in this mans Army. :p

    Not too bad for yourself and you can get to take lads out and show them world, and test them in an environment they are unlikely to come back from in a box.

    For all you crazy kids out there, look through the DINs and ask your COC there is always something on, Gosport have boats out all year round. Sailing across the Atlantic isn't much fun but pootling around the Caribean IS :wink:

    If you're NCO+ organise something.

    It all has training and personal development value. Otherwise the Armed Forces wouldn't do it.

    [party political broadcast for AT instructors off] :roll: