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Mate is competing in a deca ironman triathlon event and trying to raise money for help for heroes. He started last Friday and is currently on the run stage of his 8th consecutive ironman triathlon. So far he has less than 500 pounds pledged, he would like to raise 5,000.
I know there may be some charity overload, but he is pushing himself to the limits and I thought some arrsers might like to help. A lot of us know someone who has run a marathon, or maybe even cycled over 100 miles, maybe even someone who has done an ironman. How many know someone who has done 10 ironmen triathlons in 10 days. He's well on the way to finishing his eigth right now. Surely that's worth at least a fiver from anyones pocket.

Deca Enduroman (10 x Ironman triathlons in 10 days)
Mate at work (ex Royal Marines) is competing in this event and raising money for Help for Heroes, thought I would give him a plug on here. The challenge is to complete 10 full Ironman triathlons on 10 consecutive days, it starts on 1st June in the New Forest. There are only about a dozen people taking part in the Deca, last year only 3 finished. There are also a quin,triple and double Ironman competitions taking place. The event website is Enduroman Ltd* -* Arch to Arc -* Deca* Iron UK - Double and Triple Iron UK - Double Iron Lanzarote,* Ultra Triathlons

His fundraising site is

The original post and updates are in the charity forum if anyone is interested.
(I would put a link to that thread if I knew how to do it.)
Day 9 started, come on Arrsers help him reach his 5,000 target for help for heroes.
By the time he finishes tonight he will have swum 24 miles, cycled 1160 miles and run 260 miles.

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