Raki: anyone know where I can get some?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Green_Homer, May 22, 2006.

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  1. Not too sure where I should have posted this figured the NAAFI would get more responses

    Right situation is I went home recently promising to return with some Raki from Cyprus for a platoon piss up.. sorry social..!
    Sadly the old man now goes to North Cyprus via the Greek side and they have a ban on bringing Raki over the boarder so supplies have run out at home :cry:

    Would prefer to get my hands on Yeni Raki but will take any brand I can get my hands on. Tried google already and it looks ridiculasly expensive and will take 2 weeks to deliver! Don't really want to trance round every single offy if I can avoid it!

    So any ideas? :?
  2. speak to Anya... shes in Cyprus... failing that any local offie in north London .... its teeming with f ucking bubbles.
  3. Cheers, sadly im about 250 miles west of London atm :( best price I have found is £25 for a 70cl bottle in 72hrs hoping to get it cheaper. Pain in the arrse really as up till a year ago he came through the North airport and would always bring tons of the stuff back
  4. Can you not jut mix Aldi own brand Pernod with Avtur and serve it in glasses so no one can see the non existing Raki bottle?
  5. Aye, isn't it just like bad Pernod? Or like most things Turkish, indistinguishable from its Greek counterpart, and vice-versa?

    Ask at your kebab shop, come to London or buy online!
  6. Infidel ;)

    Fraid Im a purist for Raki and can taste the difference between the proper stuff and alternatives.

    What are the prices in London offies then? Any chance someone can send me some in the post - obviously will pay all the costs!
  7. They have it in my local... But you probably don't wanna go to Belfast for a carry out.

    I can't drink it anymore. In fact, I can't be in close proximity to an open bottle of it and if you have to ask why you've never drunk it.
  8. No that's a tad out of my way BB but cheers anyway

    Sympathies with not going anywhere near the stuff, had a friend who necked the stuff like it was water and regretted it a few mins later!
  9. Update - Managed to finally track some down in an offie!! apparently it is as rare as the Pope and Bin Laden appearing in films together such as Naughty sleepover party 4!
  10. J_D

    J_D LE

    Ah my friend, I know just the right place to get some Raki, do you want Zivarnia too? That stuff could cure the dead!
  11. If you can manage to export some over to here anya Im sure we can find a market for it! ;)
  12. Go to your local petrol station and buy 5 quids worth of unleaded, it's the same damn stuff.
  13. J_D

    J_D LE

    Ha, keep it to my self!

    I am back in the UK around June 16th, if you want any let me know.
  14. Nah its ok, prefer to taste the stuff in its proper environment first before I drink it back here :)