Raising of entry age

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by paysheet, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Not sure where to put this but here is as good as anywhere.

    Just heard that they've raised the joining age up to 33, so I now qualify being nearly 32. I've also wanted to join the Army but are now doing a reasonably paid professional job. I'm actually sufficiently qualified to be an officer but don't really fit that mould.

    Just wondering from people's experience, what they consider to be the best job in the Army for someone like myself who is looking for good promotion prospects and a challenging and interesting post with good postings (if such a job exists anymore)

    I've been in the TA for a while, in the RA as an OP and for the past 7 years as an Area Systems Op in the Signals. I reckon I'm too old for the former and couldn't hack the latter as Ptarmigan numbs my brain.

    Thanks for any suggestions as I am deadly serious about my interest in joining the Regs.
  2. Having read your previous posts fella...DONT Fcukin bother...seems you want us to make your mind up for you.... Try getting deployed on a tour as you are now and then you will know what you are up for!! Personally if you have left it to 32 its a tad late especially if you arent sure what you want and you are as you say on a good wage....shit imagine going back to what £13,000 pa at 32.er no thanks....if after all this you still want to go ahead get your arrse down to AC and they will advise you properly...
  3. :D
    Well, well, well, raising the age to 33, why stop there? surely they should have taken it further?

    I have always remembered being told (when I was in) you are a soldier first and formost. As I remembered the fitness test by the time you got to 31 or there about consisted of, hopping 4 yards and eating 4 digestives from a luke warm cup of tea (or something equally weak).
    I am not sure the basic training instructors could take it - what with all that laughing as the oldies got their zimmer frame entangled in the scramble net!

    You may be trade ok at the ripe old age of 33 but fitness and attitude? I am not so sure.

    I can hear it now "you, soldier come over here on the double"
    "Who me, Sgt" said the grey old man"didn't I go to school with your dad?"

    Sorry about my whine....

    Nick Carter
  4. ageism coming in again eh? well I say its better to be old and have been a has been than to be old and never been a has been. You young pups were never as fit as I was - Im in my early 30s now and still wop yer ass most pt days
  5. Hopefully not an English teacher.

    Media Studies does not count or a commission in the Waltenkommando

    If the RA is too much for you and the RSigs is beneath you then take your attitude for a cr8p, your 32 years is showing through as is your lack of drive and ambition.

    If you disagree fine, but mirror + look first.