Raising money for service charities

Ok. I'm about to stick my neck out. If this is a stupid idea, I apologise.

I work in the investment business and frequently come across other ex service personnel such as former officers (esp in recruitment), occasionally ex SNCO's, and less frequently people such as myself who served for a comparatively short time but are now relatively senior in civilian life.

I can't help feeling that MoD and/or service charities do not harness the potential of this alumni group. These are people who are extremely well disposed to the armed services both intellectually and potential financially.

In the past, I've supported various service charities and sponsored tables at the odd event but was always struck but the lack of actual former service people at these events.

Thinking about the popularity of ARRSE, I'm wondering if there were other ways to both raise money for specific causes that we all believe in and to take this networking idea further. In my wilder moments I've thought about dinners with speakers etc)but then thought better of it. Ok, these were fuelled by pints of bitter and red wine and I might have been overly creative but.........

Ok, folks. Enough of the bullshit. What do you think..? Thoughts
I think it's a cracking idea. A bumch of ARRSErs ran the London 10k last week for Combat Stress and we could certainly do with more runners and more support for next year. If you need any help with getting something going, let me know and I'll land a hand.

In the meantime - cheeky I know but my www.justgiving.org.uk/Farmboy site is still open for donations to Combat Stress.

I'll have a chat with my Muccas too and see what we can do. Are you London based?


Yes, London based (well london-ish. City boy during the day and live in herts)

Am off to a Combat Stress function in a couple of week, Very pricey.
Pricey but worth it, they do fantastic work and good on you for supporting them! We should think about putting something together for Christmas.

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