Raising cash for Spinal Research by proving my doctors wrong



About five years ago I broke my back whilst serving with the Army in Germany (down in the Harz Mountains to be precise) and was paralysed from the waist down. Having been told I would never walk again I stubbornly refused to accept that prognosis and set out to prove my doctors wrong. I have been lucky enough to have recovered to the use of crutches, got back onto a motorbike and am now off on a little challenge...

A challenge to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats and to climb the Three Peaks along the way. 1400 miles of cycling and 11,000 feet of ascent and descent to make on the hills. I must have had 5 doctors along the years tell me that I would be "wheelchair-bound for life" or "unable to feel anything from the waist down" and the such-like... I am so keen to prove them all wrong and also to provide some hope and inspiration to others who have had accidents and are facing equally crap statements from the medical services.

The charity I'm raising money for, Spinal Research, are of particular interest to me as they are the only charity in the UK that I know are actively supporting spinal research. For me and the tens of thousands of other people with spinal cord injuries their work may provide the key to a fully active life in the future... We shall have to wait and see what happens...

For now, I'm keen to let as many people as possible know about this trip I'm off on. Have a look at my Just Giving page:

Justgiving - Cycling 1400 miles and climbing the 3 Peaks

I'm hoping to raise as much money as I can for the charity and also to provide a bit of inspiration to others who may feel that their active life is over. Bollocks it is! I have met so many people who love nothing more than solving someone's supposedly impossible problem... they are out there and if you know anyone who needs a helping hand or to be put in touch with someone to come up with a cunning solution to a physical problem then drop me a line.

Cheers for reading this. Sorry if you hate these sorts of threads; you've wasted a minute of your life and I'm pretty sure that almost everyone in the Army has a mate or a mate's mate who is in a pretty damaged condition. I want to help those people and to provide some support to us all that even if a pretty horrific accident may one day happen that life does continue and it can still be absolutely amazing!

Cheers, Charlie

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