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I was just sitting musing over some of these posts, and the post I made myself about GYHP, and a comment someone said in work came to mind;
"I'm not going to claim for it, I can't be arrsed, it's too confusing."

This was in regards to some random expense claim he was entitled to.

I know a lot of the lads don't make claims because they don't realise / don't understand what they're due.
I'm not either half the time.

I know our Clerks put up the pay sheets and documents showing what you get for what etcetc, but I fancied making up a few example prints, such as:

"I've gone on a week course and I stayed in another camp. I can claim:
and this
I can do this by going to JPA and going to:
This section
and this section
I will need
this and this to prove it."

I know some of you might make comments about if they can't be arrsed it's their loss, but I think like with arguging with the PAYD manager about his food being sh*t and why isn't there any of it out, we need to fight our corner. So I think this would be a good way of making it plain and simple. Stick 'em up on a noticeboard and job's a good-un.

So I was wondering if anyone fancied giving me a hand helping / checking the information I'm putting into it as being right. Then I'll post the finished articles up here and anyone else than wants to help their lads get their due could print them off and put them up in their units too.

Any takers?
There is a purple official publication that is exactly like that. Annoyingly it doesn't have a JSP number. I think it is called 'Guide to Pay and Allowances' or something to that effect.

It has lots of examples like

'I was on a course away from my normal duty station and I had to stay in a hotel'

You can claim for....

ETA: Having re-read your original post i notice you would include details of how to actually claim on JPA. The purple book doesn't help here however I managed to find online in DII (I think) a guide on how to claim and an explanation of the various questions/boxes to be completed and how to answer including what the answer options meant and what the acronyms stood for. It was a user guide for JPA, but i'm sure I found it on the DII help. (JPA help is utter shite)

I got this printed and copies left by all the stations.
MrBane, I think the main problem you have is that each individual going on a course is entitled to different things. Married, single, claiming HTD or GYH - these are all affected when someone is away from their permanent duty station. Is it field conditions, or PAYD, is it within 50 miles etc.

Also with regard to doing the actual claim on JPA, the way of claiming changes with each new release so this would need to be constantly updated. I run a JPA helpdesk within our RAO and spend most of my working day helping soldiers of all ranks and experience submit the myriad of claims on JPA - it can't be pinned down to a one size fits all.

Best advice is to take your joining instructions along to a competent clerk and ask what you can claim.
'Tis a good idea and something I do at every unit I get posted in to. A nice 3 page Q&A sheet hung up on the notice board, answering the most common questions with regards to temp ab, IE etc.

Feel free to PM me and I will gladly look over your doc for you.


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Cheers for the replies guys, I'll need to go look for that JPA User guide FinalRV mentioned, as one of the biggest problems is trying to find the option you need.
I understand the most sensible thing to do would be to take it to a Clerk, but we don't have anyone officially designated as JPA bod, and this isn't a brush to tar all Clerks with, but ours don't really give us the time of day for JPA claims. Very unhelpful. Understandable when everyone asks the same questions I suppose, but still.

MrBane, I think the main problem you have is that each individual going on a course is entitled to different things.
Totally agree, but I had planned on giving a few basic scenarios that the average soldier can expect to experience, such as claiming for Incidentals or missed meals, before giving more complicated examples.

I'll take a crack at it next week and stick up progress as and when it happens.

Thanks for the help guys. :)

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