Raising £ for Combat Stress on Mon 9th & Wed 11th Nov

Hello all,

I am staging a small theatrical show at The Old Sorting Office in South West London at 8pm on Monday 9th & Wednesday 11th November to raise money for Combat Stress and I was hoping that the good people of Arrse might be able to help me fill a few seats, either by attending themselves if they live anywhere nearby, or by encouraging others to do so if they have any local friends or relatives.

The show, titled The Road to Remembrance, features a selection of poetry, prose, music and drama from World War 1 & 2 and tickets cost £9 or £7.50 for concessions, with 100% of profits going to Combat Stress. (Everyone is giving their time for free and the venue is not charging us for hire. With the exception of £23 in Prontaprint, we have so far also managed to produce all our posters, tickets & programmes for free with the judicious use of various office printers & photocopiers! :wink: We may possibly have to hire a couple of costumes if we are unable to find them for free too but we are still hoping that this will not be necessary.)

The venue has around 90 seats max, so if we manage to fill it on both nights we could potentially raise somewhere between £1,350 - £1,620 from ticket prices, plus £1.50 more for each programme we sell and 10% of the takings from a bookstall being run on the Wednesday night by our local bookseller. There has already been a certain amount of interest in tickets but our 'publicity campaign’, such as it is (!), suffered a slight setback this week when another local society messed up an announcement about the show to a room of over 300 people (more than enough to sell out both nights :x ) that we had been counting on. I have therefore been looking at alternative ways of drumming up even a tiny bit more interest from other places – hence my appearance here!

I do realise that this is something of a long shot, given the time of year – I am sure that most arrsers will be understandably busy around Remembrance Day – but I thought it might be worth a try... Every seat sold helps!

Thanks very much indeed. :D

(I apologise if I’ve bored you with all the unnecessary financial details etc above. I’m all too aware that people can be put off by the fact that some charity events don’t actually end up donating all that much of what they make to their supposed causes and I just wanted to reassure everyone that that would not be the case here!)

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