Raise age of criminality, childrens commissioner says

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scalieback, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Raise age of criminality, children's commissioner says
    "Even the most hardened of youngsters who have committed some very difficult crimes are not beyond being frightened," Dr Atkinson told the newspaper"
    Neither are their victims :x
  2. I like the quote
    'What they did was exceptionally unpleasant.'

    I would think that cleaning out a cesspit by hand was exceptionally unplesant, I'd love to know what this loon considers, bad or, dare I say it? Evil.
  3. Perhaps she would like to have them to stay at her house where she can 'listen to the children and young people',". :x

    FFS, there should be a time limit on people holding the type of job she does. They all eventually start to identify with the scrotes and think that the sun shines out of their fundamental orifices. :evil: Children are very quick to find out ways of pulling the wool over an adults eyes to get their own way and she seems a right sucker for such an approach. :twisted:

    One quick comment and the pain of the parents whose child's life was snuffed out in horrific fashion is ignored. They make me sick.
  4. Lower the age back down to the old standard , 5 years of age
  5. It’s a strange old country we live in now …. we have one group of lateral and free thinkers raising a case to reduce the age at which we give the right to vote … perhaps to 16 and yet another raising a case to increase the age of criminal responsibility … looking at some of the ages in the report detailed by Scalieback I wonder what would happen in the situation where someone had the right to vote but could not be held responsible for their actions . The inmates really would be running the madhouse .
  6. It shouldn't be raised, it should be lowered.
    Kids as young as four and five know the difference between right and wrong, well the properly brought up ones do anyway, if not younger.
    Exceptionally unpleasant? They took a two year old and tortured him before murdering him and its 'exceptionally unpleasant'? What would they need to do to be 'evil murdering b@stards'?
  7. fcuk it lets go the whole hog and scrap the limit and this maggie character should be flogged to death, the evil bloody witch! :twisted:
  9. Another mewling, bleeding-heart, liberal, self-opininated mong who wants the nanny state to widen further.

    I bet she speaks with a lithp, too!
  10. [​IMG]

    Jeezus! She's a man!
  11. It'd have to be a very short one then she only took up the job two weeks ago
  12. Notice the unfortunate couple in the background who had the misfortune of looking directly at her face!
  13. Spat my coffee all over the screen, you barsteward! :-D
  14. I think that's the point, very often the problem is with the ones who, to say the least, haven't been properly brought up.
    Exceptionally unpleasant is a particularly crass description perhaps she'll chose her words more carefully in her next newspaper interview.
  15. :omg: :rofl: