Raise a glass to the young uns on operations

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by dante242, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. I would like to raise a glass to all those young sprogs who are on operations and wish them a safe return, we may smell of wee and only have a few gongs but we did our bit and know what its like to be away from our family's......god bless you

  2. Could not agree more,thoughts with all away from loved ones
  3. I'll have a wee dram to the dashing young blades,keep yer heids doon lads
    and come home safe
  4. Glass of port raised from me
  5. Half a dozen bottles of Stella cracked open from me :wink:
  6. Slab of Stella raised from me, stay low, keep safe lads and lasses.

  7. Will raise a dram of Benbromach to you all.
    Safe home and thoughts to you all wherever you are.
  8. 12 yr old malt duly imbibed! Not only for those on ops but all who have, or do, serve and their loved ones.
  9. Stay safe lads and ladettes.
  10. I'll drink to that - stay safe and come home in one piece.
  11. a few glasses of malt will be raised, wishing all those on ops a safe and happy christmas
  12. Merry Crimbo all. Stay safe and kick ass!
  13. God's Speed and Safe Return............kick Taliban Ass!!!!
  14. Season's Greetings, and a glass raised to you all
  15. Keep it up guys we are ALL proud of you except the one at the back yes you, you know who I'm talking about, can you see him the one with the spots, no not that one the one next to him.

    Only joking good luck keep those heads down even you spotty