Rained Off!!!???? Fnarrrr

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sparky2339, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Just saw on the beeb news that the airshow at RAF Fairford has been called off due to rain.

    Why? Was it just old kites that were flying and no all weather aircraft.

    Sounds like the "leaves on the line" or the "wrong kind of snow" excuses given by the railways a while back.

    Stunned 8O
  2. Old news - was being reported nationally on Friday evening. Car park and much of the ground apparently floodded, first time it's been cancelled in 37 years. Still, saved me getting on a coach at stupid o clock on Friday night to go and see it :D
  3. AFAIK it was because the airfield would have been a sea of mud after 50000 people had trampled all over it and the car parks are already in danger of flooding.

    It was H&S concerns for the public that has made them cancel.
  4. They could have issued wellies/waders, cork filled lifejackets and mae wests at the gate surely?? :D

    Fair enough H&S issue I suppose...

    That'll be the burger vans down the swannee then?? :lol:
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    It's also down to the cloud base level.The is a minimum level that the performing aircraft can fly in due to the possibility of crashing.The rules were bought in after a series of crashes but mostly the biggie at Ramstien AFB back in the 80's.
  6. Cloudbase Saturday was a few thousand, so no issue there... it really was the boggy car parks that did it - I know cos I didn't believe the big fcuk-off signs on the M4 saying it was cancelled and went anyway, Mr Plod sent me back down the Swindon Road
  7. The 'Flying Legends' are still on at Duxford today!
  8. Am sitting in the glorious sunshine 4 miles from Fairford. The cloud base is pretty irrelevant because there are barely any around so far. But it's probably around 6000 with a light breeze - perfect flying weather.

    I can't see that flooding would be a problem for aicraft. Fairford is an operational base and the runways, taxiways and pans are pretty good.

    But RIAT has had a problem with parking for years. The car parks are badly organised and they've often been the venue for entertaining punch ups between motorists stuck in jams for an hour or two while air cadets attempt to police the mess.

    RIAT organisers are aware of the crap parking conditions and their H&S wallahs have over-reacted, that's all.

    The press are there in force and would have enjoyed televising mobs of pikeys whinging because they can't tow their campers and shnell food vans out of the inch-deep 'Passendaele of mud' as they did at Brands Hatch a couple of years ago.

    If they had prepped the car parks in advance with the railway ballast and gravel they had stockpiled, things might have been different, but that would have cost money. Not as much, with hindsight, as cancelling the whole bloody thing.
  9. bridgend show is still on though.looks as if i,ll be hanging around there later.
  10. As a fully paid up pedant I can actually confirm that there are several levels, some of which are dependent on aircraft type. Teams or singletons typically have a full display where the weather minima are satisfied, and a 'rolling' display where the cloud base squashes the display down below the cloudbase (provided it is within limits - hint - if you are a Belgian F16 then it is always within limits; if you are the USAF Thunderbirds then the faintest hint of a cirrus will scare you out of the air.

    The rain at RIAT on Friday will have screwed things up royally - the arrivals plot and rehearsals and validations slots will have gone to pot. So the display programme for the Saturday will have been messed around.

    Notwithstanding waterlogged carparks the organisers of RIAT have to ask themselves if the programme they put on represents value. What I mean is that if no aircraft fly then the public get their money back and any insurance policies pay out. The moment a single aircraft takes to the sky - be it display or practice the insurers can argue that the public received some entertainment and the insurance issue potentially becomes a grey one.

    Cancelling RIAT and refunding the money therefore avoids any ambiguity and in the long run might create better public goodwill. God knows how Swindon coped with 4000 randy and frustrated aircrew this weekend though.