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Rain stops play

Mmmmmmmmm Cancelled late friday night..
About to set off this morning with the kids... when I got a call from a mate giving me heads up!!..

They had stopped sales of tickets on the 'doors' Thursday..
they were £45 FFS (even dick turpin wore a mask!!)

They argued they didn't want a deluge of spectators on the sunnier of the two days (no chance there!..but anyway..)
so they implimented a number of rules...
- £10 extra if you just tipped up on the day
therefor if you 'booked a ticket through ticketmaster for the Saturday in April and that's the rainy of the two days - tough Sh*t!!

Traffic is an issue...
We had a BBQ while the hordes queued for miles and got streight out last year (8.30pm'ish)
I saw about 15 typhoons in formation over Malvern on Friday, I guess that was a dry run for the event that didn't actually happen.

Pretty impressive and free!
Friday saw the presentation of the RAF's new colours, and went ahead - see the middle photo in salforddude's link - in less than splendid weather. That's what the Typhoon formation was for.
Yep real shame, but thought We'd have a day out any way so went the The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. Cracking place,Awsome collection(Quality and Quantity) Very Impressed.
Been meaning to go for yonks, glad I finally made it!

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