Railway Troop in Action

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Did you get blown off by your lookout man?
  2. Is "Gary" still the OC?
  3. No but the signalman got in trouble for w4nking at passing trains, when asked what he thought he was doing he replied "I got told to keep pulling off for trains...." I'll get me coat.
  4. Are we talking 79 (regs) or 275 ?

    Ive been with 275 for 3 years and dont recall Gary. Mr T has been the gaffer all the time Ive been there.
  5. You can't beat a day spent on "Measured Shovel Packing"

    No wait! yes you can.
  6. Quite enjoyed that, hope Army/MOD News online do more TA videos

    p.s. I grew up 300m away from one of the largest railway yards in Europe, train spotting was compulsory....... I've got me coat
  7. Lightinfantryman, Welsh, looks like a convict?
  8. Polar,
    Have you got one of those tweed jackets with leather elbow patches, and a very old tartan flask. Don't write anymore I'm not ready to slip into a coma yet!

    The very interesting, informative and not least handsome Mr Bruce Willis
  9. Gary went ages ago, I think it was 2000? Good to see the old faces are still knocking around though! The qeastion is, are Puffer and the brain still in?
  10. Cheers for that - he was a watchkeeper in the BLMF in '96 before giving up infantry life and joining Network Rail and the train sqdn/troop thingy.
  11. Gary D left late 2000 early 2001 can't remember when exactly and yes Puffer & Brains are still alive and kicking.
  12. I dont know about alive and kicking, its lucky theres no footage of the 5 a side match, nearly killed em!
  13. Oh dear oh dear. I wear a face welly and sniff chemicals when I wear green and even I find this boring........
  14. Watching that video reminds me that it was actually quite dry during the first week. It would have been a different matter entirely if they'd done it during the second week when it pissed it down with rain everyday and the drops got stuck at the bottom of the hill!