Railway Operator

If you haven't had any luck by tomorrow ill take a pic of it when I get back into work. We've got a board on the wall that's probably been there since nineteen canteen which shows every rank and trade badge. I'm pretty positive a railway op is on it.

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This 'ere Badge is two A4's Rampant beating the shit out of a Deltic.
That is the second type of Railwayman trade badge, the first was more colourful.

I contacted Creastinsignia a few years ago and advised them that the railway trade had moved from the RE's to the RCT in 1965. (They did not respond!!!).

A file was doing the rounds at 79 Railway Squadron RCT in MG in the late 70's and early 80's pushing for a trade badge, mostly ignored by the troops who could not even be bothered to wear an class 'A' trade badge on thier No 2's. (It should be noted that 68 Squadron RCT just down the road enforced the wearing of the class B trade driver star on No 2's, so it could be a case of the head shed trying to out do 68 Sqn). (Most of the NCO's at 79 failed to wear rank on the green coveralls as everybody knew each other and nearly everybody was an NCO. The only time rank was worn on coveralls was if you had a tailored pair of the prized Black coveralls).
We had a driver stuck with our MT troop waiting for CM who was really train driver rather than a lorry driver. He had a picture of a train on his cuff

Saw a few more of them at 79 Railway when we exercised the ambulance train

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