Rail Workers Back Strikes In Union Ballot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. And the list goes on... Maybe they can all meet up with the BA trolly Dollies in the pub and have a few drinks :evil:

    The threat of Easter train travel disruption is looming after the RMT union said a ballot of Network Rail maintenance workers showed 77% supported strike action. The Rail Maritime and Transport union said the ballot was called in protest at plans to cut 1,500 maintenance jobs and change working practices.

  2. Meet up with the trolley dollies for a drink,sounds good to me ,better than standing around a flaming dust bin,Ill mention it to the brothers when we down tools :D
  3. Don't worry - you can trust this government to stand up to them and face down any trade union action!
  4. great how in the fcuk am I meant to get to work, fcuking *********
  5. Funny how strikes seem to be scheduled around holidays and sporting occasions...now hardcore labour organisers will tell you it is to maximise the impact on the public and government. We know however children that it is of course to ensure they get a full run at a Bank hioliday withpout having to do nasty night shifts or earlies...
  6. Would you all be gobbing off and spitting your bile if it was traffic wardens for instance or some other group which would have no impact on peoples everyday lives going on strike,doubt it?

  7. well no.. thats the point you thick fcuk :roll:
  8. "well no that's the point" oh I see :roll:
    Glad to see your supporting these blokes well done.
  9. Another bunch of tw@ts who think the country owes them a living, and there's a bottomless pit of money somewhere that'll pay their bills for them. :x
  10. Methinks the Unions are ratcheting up for when a Tory Government in in power [stupid prats] ........... Keep striking lads, it always throws votes to the Right.
  11. Why should i support them?

    Hundreds of thousands of private sector workers have been laid off, how many of the public sector?
  12. I have nothing but contempt for the kn**s who go out on these strikes but on the plus side, not paying their wages can at least help the cash flow a bit.

    In our IPT, 75% of one section was out on the PCS strike this week, in the very section that is the major bottleneck for our projects, they really are a bunch of cnuts, but at least the savings on their capitation rates will help the budget.

    As an aside, apparently some of the CS said that "work to rule" would be more effective than strike action, the riposte from one of the mil staff was "great, crack on, would be great to see some work getting done" Priceless!
  13. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Don't want to work,then don't and your P45 is in the post.

    BA cabin crew are overpaid spoilt chilren being led on by a militant union.

    As for the RMT,led by the communist Bob Crowe,well he and and any strikers should be directed to go cfuk forthwith.End of.
  14. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    That's right.I hope the Tories beat Liarbore and install a new generation Norman Tebbit to fcuk off union militants.
  15. Listening to Lord Adonis on R4 earlier stating the Government is keeping it's distance clear on this issue, nothing to do with certain MP members connection with 'Unite' by any chance??