Rail warrants on resettlement course

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by northwesten, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this not the right place! but i hope u guys can help me.

    On the resettlement u have 3 rail warrents to use. So i want to use them to go home for the weekend. Tho the admin office said i cant. Only use to go back to my unit with them. Which doesnt make sence as i handed in my room and kit. My home in North wales and my old regiment in London and the resettlement in essex. So i cant use them to go home then? Or can i?

    I have one entitled rail warrent to use as well but i using that after my course to go home.

    anyhow info on this?

    New to me i cant use them to go home from my course on weekends :cyclopsani:
  2. Ask yourself this question:

    Am I going home for the weekend or am I doing resettlement?

    (Reminder - Essex = resettlement, North Wales = home).

    You will the answer your own question.

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  3. sorry but i was following the most recommed company to go for! I hear Force one who i dealing with are good. Really whats the point in having rail warrents then? Really does answer my question tho.
  4. Ok,

    Get them to read JSP 534 The Tri-Service Resettlement Manual

    0317. Individual Resettlement Preparation (IRP). IRP is defined as GRT used for resettlement activities that do not fall into the other categories. As a guideline, IRP should be interpreted in the broadest sense for resettlement purposes and may include periods spent applying for jobs, attending interviews, employment and recruitment fairs and preparing CVs. IRP may also be used for activities related to house purchase and relocating children in schools. No allowances can be claimed for IRP except GRT travel warrants (para 0502). IRP may be undertaken at any stage during resettlement but normally within the last 9 months of service.

    what this says is you can use the warrant for travelling to where you may resettle
  5. I will try and be as helpful as I can.

    The point of having travel warrants for resettlement is to assist you in just that - resettlement. It doesn't really matter that you have chosen to train/apply for a company that is outside of the immediate area of where you intend to live, that is your choice.

    Don't be tempted to try and fiddle the system (false declarations etc) and use the warants to get home for the weekend. Nasty consequences can follow at a time when you need all the money you can lay your hands on.
  6. Agreed. But a weekend at home? A week or a few days maybe - where the time has genuinely been used towards resettlement.
  7. oh really! well thanks for the info guys! I sure i be using it for interviews then
  8. my resettlement only 5 days aweek. so sat and su i not doing anything.
  9. i don't think you're getting the point here....lets say that estate agents are open at the weekends...amonst many other businesses....all you have to put in that box on the form is "IRP" and they shouldn't question what you were doing towards it..wink'wink :thumright:
  10. Spot on 105AVRE!

    So on these weekends home you are preparing CVs, job searching etc. That is not fiddling.
  11. oh yer sorry i got ur point! there which i was planning to do :p