Rail Strike Cancelled

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gremlin, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    BBC News

    So nice of them to agree!!
  2. Network Rail = Government.

    Government gives these c**s 3.2% plus loads of extras (increased London allowance, increased travel subsidies, etc).

    Remind me again, what did the BLiar government give to the Army? 3% and increased food and accommodation charges the next week.

    The English language does not have the vocabluary to express my utter disgust of Liarbour.
  3. I'm glad it's cancelled as the 1st strike and then the date of the possible 2nd would have seriously messed my plans up. However these people don't deserve any extra pay for sitting around on their arrses all day, and for their pay increase to be above that of serving soldiers is a disgrace. Network rail needs to get a grip.

    I also have issues with the announcements being made yesterday at railways stations about the potential strike "we hope that network rail can reach some solution" etc etc. I'm sorry but WHO'S ON STRIKE??? Management aren't on strike and it's up to the union to come to a resolution as they called their members out on strike.

    Someone needs to get a grip of the RMT, they go out on strike for the smallest reasons (not being consulted when a member was fired for being a c**t at his job, so the whole underground walks out). A 35 hour working week? A private's on what, just over £12k per year? They can do more than 35 hours work in under two days, this government and the population as a large needs to get some idea of perspective. Why is it that those most valued members of public service (soldiers, teachers and others involved in education etc etc) are paid tuppence when some tube driver gets £30k for sitting in a cab where all the computers means he/she can't physically mess up their job????

    Edited for excessive pointless profanity PTP
  4. ON strike? i thought they had been on strike since the first track was laid??
  5. Crabby, you have demonstrated a total ignorance of what any of the jobs entale.

    FYI weekly hours are governed by the Hidden Report. Also I wouldn't trust the average private to to these jobs either.
  6. Correct: the average Tom would be overqualified and bored stupid.

    Yes there is a lot of responsibility being the controller of a vehicle with several hundred people aboard, however to drive a 16 gear articulated lorry requires more skill than that of a tube driver. They have one of the most militant unions left in the UK and a pathetically weak management (the government) that always caves into the 'brothers' wishes. They are nothing but greedy communist scum.
  7. Whoops, missed the TUBE driver bit, thought you meant raiway driver.
  8. Tube driver: rumble along pre-designated routes. Stop when the computer tells you or when the red light tells you. Speed is limited by the computer. Apart from telling people to mind the gap and let people get off before trying to embark, it isnt the most difficult of tasks which is why the union is so militant: the drivers have nothing to do all day except think of ways of shafting their boss!
  9. That's why I said whoops :D

    Proper train drivers have a 'little' bt moer to do do :wink:
  10. Got something to say then email it to info@rmt.org.uk & let them know your feelings
  11. I know a retired senior civil enginner. He's supervised many a railways' construction and still gets dragged out of retirement to advise and he maintains that train drivers exsist to keep the 'Travelers' happy.
    There is no serious Engineering Requirement for a man at the controls.
    Expert comments only please.
  12. Yes. Because a predominately military site has an over abundance of people with in depth knowledge of the railway infrastructure and governance. Well done you for being stipulate about who should post opinions.

    That said, there is a vast amount of information surrounding the results of driver errors resulting in rail accidents that stem directly from the control software not being fit for purpose. If the infrastructure cannot guarantee a green light and a red light are not confused, it can hardly be left in control of the train locomotion. If you can find me a complex computor system that is proven error free I'd be mightly surprised.
  13. Come on then, using this vast amount of information, how many of these accidents - resulting directly from driver error caused by the "control software" - can you name ? Is it less than 1 ?

  14. I was on the District line travelling from Victoria to Gloucester Road and our tube was held at Sloane Square because the tube in front, also on the District Line, had found its way onto the Circle Line at the points beyond South Kensington. The offending train was reversed up the line and points correctly changed to allow it back on to the District road.

    I doubt the driver controlling the offending train had any cab control about where his train was taking him.

    Mind you I am mightily p!ssed off by the RMT repeatedly striking. Bob Crow, who looks exactly what he is, needs a slapping from the travelling public who don't give a sh!t about Union cobbled disorder and only want to go to work. The RMT need to take note of what British Leyland workers did to Red Robbo [Derek Robinson - convenor] in the mid 1970s and have a replay with Bob Crow.

    Mind you - tomorrow off would have been rather nice.
  15. You're not getting it are you? The union exists to get it's members the best pay and working conditions that are possible, so far from Bob Crow getting a"slap", he should get all the plaudits going! You have to wake up and realise that the world outside of the army is somewhat different to life on the inside. Industrial action is the only language that management understand, and used wisely and with careful consideration, it can benefit both the employee and customer/public in terms of better service and safety.