Rail Moves to Warcop

I was asked recently about the railhead at Warcop. As a Cadet in the late 80s I remember seeing the line at the back of the accommodation and ISTR that RAC Recruit Gunnery took place there as late as the 90s?

Does anyone remember going there by train - and were tanks moved by rail there? I was asked if Centurions would have made the journey?

Grateful for any memories.



The facility is still there and the MoD was paying NR for the upkeep of the link as late as 5 years ago. I was there a few times but always by road!


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I did gunnery training at Catterick and Warcop in 1976. As to how to get there, we got on a bus in Catterick, drove over the Pennines in the February snow and got off at Warcop.

As for the panzers, Monday afternoon we went up to the firing point and a couple of Chieftains and a Scorpion were just there.
Have a look at the Eden Valley Railway. evr-cumbria.org.uk They should have lots of info and pics.
A a lad living in Warcop 1950's I recall tanks, ammo and troops arriving, was told that the station platform was extended to accomadate troop trains.
Yeah, I've used the train tracks there, I used to drive my private train the "Flying Mallard" up there with a load of top secret lazer tanks on the back, for "them" you know.
With the Strategic Freight Network now being funded, one can only hope that further movement of MOD material happens over Network Rail tracks.
I do like the somewhat new turning circle on the A66 that was to stop Armour
blocking the road when turning right, we paid for that waste of dosh!
I gather the last time it was used was sometime between 1988 and 1992. It couldnt have been used after then because dumped a scrapyard on the trackbed at appleby at the old station.
Appleby East Station

As pointed out, a preservation society is apparently trying to reopen all the way through to Kirkby Stephen, so MOD may end up using it again one day.

I think Centurions were too wide to have been moved in the UK for the loading gauge, but you could have older stuff like Comets or Cromwells, or lighter kit like FV432s moved on it.

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