Rail Maintenance Workers 7% Pay Rise

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Spanner, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. Nice to see that we're all playing ball with public sector pay restraint - apart from the unions that is...who seem to think that they are exempt the current financial downturn.

    RMT claims victory over jobs and pay in Network Rail dispute | Business | The Guardian

    RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: "At a time when the doom and gloom merchants are telling working people that they must accept pay freezes, job cuts and a grim Christmas and new year our Network Rail maintenance members have shown that if you stand together in a strong trade union you can win.

    "The package our negotiators have secured on the back of a solid mandate for strike action from our members is a testament to the results that can be achieved by trade unionists who refuse to accept they should take the hit for the banking crisis.

    A Network Rail spokesman said: "This is good news and a positive vote will allow us to make the changes needed to secure the future of all our people in the new maintenance organisation."
  2. Dear Bob,

    Thank you for once again boosting shares in my airline by making rail travel even more expensive than it already is than flying in the UK.


    Jim French, Boss of Flybe
  3. There are absolutely no details in that story, to how this deal has been financed; it is purely OB material! A rise of this type, usually, is mainly self funded by the workers, for example bringing Sunday into the Working Week, changes to the pensionable pay and other shift/roster change.

    I doubt very much, that many of the usual union haters on here, will allow details to get in the way of a good rant. The Outrage Bus will be well and truly be VOR, BLR and BER at this rate!
  4. [​IMG]

    £2,000 each for chrimbo brothers!

  5. Yip have to agree with you on that especially this bit
    Will 7% be enough when they bring in all the changes :)
  6. Bloody well done the rail workers.
    About time some proles got a decent pay rise despite this alleged "Government!"
  7. A bit of context would help. Like, if this is the first rise in five years then it's about time, whereas if they get 7% every year they're ripping the arrse out of it.
  8. Well 7 years ago a peak rail fair from Wakefield to London used to cost £178 the last time I went it was I think about £260. I didn't pay it was work related but I can see who will be paying for this.
  9. I only got a 0.5% rise this year, I obviously work for the wrong sector of N.R!
  10. It is track and infrastructure workers who have got this pay rise and not any rail workers, who work for the ToCs and FoCs.

    Buying a ticket on the day of travel is always the most expensive, also the astronomical access costs have to be payed for somehow. Plus I have and usually do, pay approximately £25 each way London Kings Cross -> York by using the internet advance booking.
  11. Recce, someone will be paying it and if it's to do with railways then the cost must come from the passengers surely? I am aware that buying tickets in advance is the cheapest but often I don't get advanced notice and peak time fares are just stupid prices.
  12. It's far cheaper for me to fly from Southampton to Edinburgh!
  13. I'm a bit stuck here as I imagine a flight to London from Manchester would be cheaper but it'd take me longer to drive there. I'm stuck with the dirty, ancient, smelly trains and the service with a grunt.

  14. Jarrod, I agree with you. As I said, one of the biggest costs to a train or freight operating company (ToC, FoC) are the rail access charges, add to this penalty payments for trains being late, out berthing, cancellations etc (irrespective of reason). All these costs have to be met somehow and as you said, sadly it's the normal punter who ends up paying. Interestingly though, one of the major problems is fare evasion - it is an astronomical sum, but companies will not pay for the required Revenue Protection Officers (RPOs), so again, it's the honest punters who pay!

    It is the same here in Germany, so it is not unique to the UK; it is getting worse and more expensive!
  15. I'm sure it's been shown that as tax rates fall, evasion/avoidance rates drop. Is there an argument for lowering train fares so people don't feel they're being ripped off and thus justified in dodging ticket collectors?