Rail guard sacked for standing up to yob (x army)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Rattler, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Someone out there should offer that man another job - with a pay-rise. I would if I could.
  2. The thug threatened customers, a colleague, and our man - even put him down by violence and had been poposing to use a weapon (a broom can kill you know).

    Our man might have thought that admitting to a head-butt would see him in trouble, but it is legitimate to restrain someone to prevent further violence.

    Even the thug seems to have recognised that.

    At the employment tribunal he should have produced the thug, had him do the same things to one of the pannelists, then asked them whether doing nothing at that point was likely to lead to more or less violence.

    PS - was the thug a pished up squaddie ?.
  3. Very shortly I too could be in the same boat as the Rail Guard. Due to impending charge etc can't say too much about it but will reveal all eventually, thats if I don't get the sack and can still afford my broadband!
  4. Perhaps we should all tell them how we feel and point out the concentration of soldiers in the area who might not travel with One if we started a bit of a shame them campaign:

  5. Every one of the other customers there during the incident need to get their arrses down to One's office.

    Don't I recall seeing signs on One-operated stations saying anyone assaulting a member of staff will be pursued unto death' or suchlike?.

    Seems more than a bit naff that they've only gone for their own man, yet no police action ?. What about their private prosecution of the thug?.

    More to this than meets the eye, methinks.
  6. I live a couple of miles away from the station so have sent an email to the customer service email address and waiting a response about how they regard the safety of passengers from drunken thugs. Automatic email back says it can take up to 6 days so will post reply when Ive got it. If they dont send a reply I will go and ask in person. Will keep you all informed.
  7. Good luck with that one Iron. Something elses for them to sweep under the carpet.
  8. I have also e-mailed One Trains.

    It may be that a few other Arrsers might feel like dropping them a line. Perhaps if they have enough of an adverse reaction they may rethink their actions.

    If Paul Yarwood, or anyone in touch with hime, is reading this then I send my best wishes for a decent outcome to this ridiculous situation.

    If I get a response I will let Arrsers know.
  9. This really takes the fcuking biscuit this does. What price emigration to Australia, where the scrote would have come off worse.
    Would the last decent man to leave the UK please turn the lights off.
  10. I have to give some 'credit' to the thug in this case for subsequently accepting blame for the incident. That makes it all the more galling that the person who stepped in to protect others is being punished in this way.

    Is there really a policy in this country that civilians are not allowed to use violence at all, even to protect themselves and others? If so, no wonder thugs rule the streets.

  11. Mr D.
    Well said.

    Do you mind if i employ a bit of plagiarism and use your text in an e-mail
    as it sums things up rather well. i've tried but can't get to a sentence end without wishing to include an f'kk'n expletive.
  12. Mate. jump before you're pushed, if it looks like it's for deffo, spend 2 weeks off work looking for a new job.
  13. JD - I suggest you go sick with "stress". Tell your GP and manager that the prime cause of this stress has been the company's lack of support and your belief that you are not being given adequate protection. Mention your legal advisor and interest from the national press in your case, throw the words "Daily Mail" into the conversation. That should change the balance of probabilities...

    As for One...don't boycott them, use them. Use them at 2359 hours on a Friday night. Take a few mates. Insist on decent standards of behaviour from your fellow passengers. If these are not forthcoming get the guard compromised AND THEN resolve the issue. After a couple of such incidents, One will have very little choice as to doing something because their trains will either not run due to union action or will be full of revenge seeking chavs. Either way, the situation can no longer be pushed to one side.
  14. Let us contrast this with an incident I witnessed in the main railway station in Mönchen-Gladbach on an early Saturday evening back in 1975. At the time M-G was one of the top football teams in Germany and they were having a home match. Rather than get caught up in all the traffic - and try to find somewhere to park - I decided to take the train in from Wickrath.

    Around 6 the shops started to close (this was in the days when they closed early except on the first Saturday of the month) and I was enjoying a quiet meal + beer in the Bahnofsgaststätte. Three long-haired yobs, who were patently pißed (even though they didn`t look to be old enough to drink), came in and started trying to prove to everyone what sort of "wild guys" they were.

    Within a minute or so a couple of cops showed up, I`m not sure if they were standard or the DB variety, possibly the latter. Anyway, they had a couple of quiet words and, would you believe it, the yobs were suddenly very sheeplike.

    Cops withdrew, out of sight (but obviously not out of earshot!), and the yobs started up again. Quick as a flash the cops were back, and they were visibly annoyed!

    Again they were told to calm down and, guess what - one of the yobs decided now would be a good time to earn his big-gob spurs! So he started lipping the cops. My German language skills at the time were rudimentary, but I got the drift of what sort of tone/vocabulary the yob was using. The cops decided enough is enough!

    With a swift lunge one of the cops was beside the gobby one, grabbed himself a fistful of hair, twisted it so that yob had a magnificent view of the station ceiling and frogmarched him away. With this, the two yobs who had been sniggering and amusing themselves decided now would a good time to get some sprinting practice in.

    As he was being taken away, big-gob had suddenly changed his tune. "Mutti, Mutti, Hilfe!" was all he was able to get out. But Mutti was probably still at home, scraping the potatoes for his Reibeküchen.

    Why was this sort of response to yobboes allowed to lapse?