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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. I was using one of those new ticket machines at the train station last night and I noticed that alongside young persons rail card, senior rail card, etc. there was a discount option for HM forces rail card.
    I asked at the station about it and was told we can be issued rail cards.

    Does anyone know anything about this and how I can go about applying for said card?

    I would ask my unit but I wont be going in this week and I’m off on annual camp this weekend so it’ll be three weeks before I can ask them.
  2. They do exist, and can be issued. However in the TA they are very hard to come by. When mobilised through RTMC can get one which is valid for a year, but I've never seen them issued to TA who weren't mobilising. Dunno why.
  3. I thought it was worth asking about as I use trains daily.
  4. Sorry, the Armed Forces Railcard is only available to Regulars and TA on FTRS or Mobilised Service and their dependents. Even if you could get hold of one I suspect that using it for business purposes would be an offence: those eligible for the purchase of a card can only use it for private travel.

    If a member of the TA needs to travel by rail on duty they will be issued a warrant.
  5. Pity, cos using one of those would slash the travel cost for parade nights.
  6. Unfortunately it won't. You should be recompensed for your travel (so the MoD pays); if you were issued with a railcard then you would pay less and be recompensed and the MoD would still pay for the lesser fare and then the cost of the discount gained using the card.

    This is not to say that the TA should not be issued a card: wouldn't it be a nice thing to do for us!
  7. Point taken. It would be nice, esp as for me it is cheaper to see the in-laws in Eastern Europe than it is to see my own folks in Devon, on the rail. Though TA are eligible for the military National Express card (but I'd rather journey for 2 hours than 5....)
  8. Seams odd that we are eligible for a Forces National Express card but not a Forces Railcard, I’m sure there is logic in there somewhere.
  9. The issue of these cards would be a great thing to do for the TA as a small way of saying cheers for all their time, effort and lack of X factor.

  10. I believe this was raised with the Armed Forces Pay Review Body at the last round of consultations, which focussed on the TA. I await with interest the response.

    As for the coach cards I speculate that National Express is a private company covering the whole country and has made its own decision about allowing the TA to be eligible without Governement input. In the case of the railways the deal would have to be with a whole bunch of regional and formerly nationalised companies and therefore a whole new shebang. There may also be benefit in kind issues for tax purposes, although I'm no longer an expert!
  11. The TA's way of giving you a rail card or travel warrant is to refund your travel expenses, added on to your wages....

    The regulars however are entitled to 4 rail warrants a year I think so they won't get one all the time and therefore the Rail card is laughing for them.....TA personel don't need it.....In my opinion anyway......

    Remember, TA are still civilians until called up, thats why your only elegible when mobilised.

    You use the train service daily, then get a civi pass....
  12. By the way, I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice and we shouldn't get one.....but you can understand why we can't....as of yet anyway.
  13. Only if you are under thae age of 25 do you get 4 rail warrents of if you are sefving in NI then you get mma for 4 onward travels, over the age of 25 the system thinks that you should be settled down and not going home to Mum and Dad, or in this day and age Mum and Mum or Dad and Dad.


  14. :lol:

    Right o....
  15. Just another way of HMG saying 'your important to us, but we are after a cheap way of keeping a reasonble sized army after all'