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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by raidingsupportregiment, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. Good evening everybody.

    I was wondering if someone could offer me some assistance or point me in the right direction. I am trying to find out some more information on my maternal grandfathers military career but am unsure where to start. I have a few sketchy details but that's about it.

    His name is Major Desmond Ross he was in the Royal Artillery but I do not know what regiment he was in. He served in the Raiding Support Regiment (RSR) in the second world war and was awarded the Military Cross whilst a Capitan in that Regiment in the Adriatic 44-45. He also has a set of RAF flying wings on his uniform. He was also the OC in Otterburn some time in the 60s and also worked at Dover castle previous to going to Otterburn. He never really adjusted after the war apparently and instead of doing to washing up had my mother throw the dirty plates in the air so he could shoot them with his service pistol! He lived his days out alone away from his family in Wales hence the lack of information on him.

    I hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks in advance.
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  3. He was Italian? :D
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  4. Spend some time at the PRO reading:

    HS 5/608 1944
    WO 170/1364 1944 Aug-Dec
    WO 170/4825 1945 Jan.- July
    WO 204/8391 1944 June – Nov
    WO 204/8392 1945 Mar.-May
    WO 204/8403 1943 Nov.-1945 Jan.
    WO 204/8404 1944 Dec.-1945 May

  5. Although it doesn't specifically mention the RSR very often, I'd recommend a book called 'Commando Subaltern at War' by WG Jenkins. He was an oficer with 43 RM Commando in the Adriatic and he discusses the battles fighting with the Yugoslav partisans, 'island-hopping' along the Dalmatian coast. This should give a good idea of the operations your grandfather was supporting. I've not seen the campaign mentioned in as much detail in any other books.

    The Regiment operated all sorts of kit from 25pdrs to 75mm Pack Howitzers, 40mm Bofors AA guns and ex-Italian 47mm Boehler Antitank Guns. They also provided the Yugoslav partisans with training in the lend-lease 3.7-inch Mountain Howitzers that Britain supplied to them.
  6. The CO of the "Balkan School of Artillery" was Lt Col Geoffrey Kup RA, and acording to Fitzroy McLean's Eastern Approaches Tito's men used the US 75mm pack howitzer rather than the British 3.7.

    My Guess is that Desmond Ross may be a BC for Kup. Seriously wary stuff. Read Eastern Approaches to get a flavour.
  7. You're right - my misidentification from seeing just the gun barrel and wooden mountain wheels on a mule. In the background of one of the photos you can just make out the pierced trail of a 75mm Pack Howitzer (from a sequence of photos of partisans undergoing artillery training).
  8. Hi, I think I have some further information on your grandfather and it would be great to make contact. Please PM me
  9. I met you relative in 1967 if you wish to chat about him please contact me
  10. I met your relative in 1967 if you want to chat about him PM me
  11. I have a few of the regiments war diaries and another related file. Drop me a PM if you'd like copies, assuming you're still around :)
  12. Hi it would be good to make contact can you drop me an email at
    Many thanks