Raid disrupts Iraqi oil exports


Iraq's main oil export terminal is still shut after being targeted in a suicide boat attack on Saturday, the Iraqi oil minister has said.
Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulloum said the al-Basra terminal had suffered a power cut and would not resume operations until Monday at the earliest.

He said a smaller terminal, Khor al-Amaya, had reopened on Sunday.

Exports stopped after three boats blew up near the terminals, but no major structural damage was reported.

The disruption at al-Basra means a loss of nearly one million barrels a day in exports.
Wasn't there an exercise held before GW2 , where command of Red Forces was given to a retired USMC General, who used such tactics as bicycle messengers, suicide car bombers and suicide fast boats against US Forces and inflicted major casualties?

I think he complained, because after he had handed Blue Forces a proper slap, they changed the rules, so Blue Forces could win?

Seem to remember this somewhere.

Anyhoo , the Bad Guys are getting more creative :(

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