Raid as UDA planned crime end

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Loyalists arrested during a raid on a Belfast bar were preparing to announce an end to all Ulster Defence Association crime, a court has heard.

    Yehh of course, you can image the headlines in a local newsper in Kent:

    "Securitas robbers meet in barn to hold meeting & hand themselves in"

    Im sure the IRA would come up with a similar or even better excuse in court for being busted in such a raid.
  2. I bet they were planning to 'name & shame' all their drug dealing pals too.
  3. Oh yea, loyalist terrorists giving up on crime, as if. Ok so the UDA disbands, does this include LVF, UVF, PAF, RHC, ABC, XYZ, nah did'nt think so, they all a bunch of low down terrorist scum who will never give up their only source of income, Drugs and Extortion.
  4. ...and robbery.
  5. And prostitution, I know the list can be exhaustive
  6. I never found prostitution exhaustive, or is that just me? Sorry confused, you don't get a top job involving travel, high salary and excellent fringe benefits and then give it up. It's only if somebody tells you to give it up. In Sandy Row all drug dealers were shot leaving an excellent opening for those who had shot them to move in and yes, you guessed it deal drugs. Don't believe they were giving it up maybe it was just a reunion. Also heard it was a rehearsal for a show of strength, so best bib and tucker and side arms optional.
  7. Johnny Adair vowed retribution on the UDA. I wonder if he had anything to do with the information the Police Received on the meeting happening.????

    He has to give the Police something in return as it cost us the Tax payer over £9,000 to fly him out of the Province by RAF helicopter when he was released!!!
  8. I'm sure you're right, maybe not directly but the sad thing is that all the feuds are nothing to with the Protestant community or it's 'defence" but just a turf war between criminals.
  9. Don't start me on Adair, he is "Dead Man Walking". It would not surprise me that he has turned informer and wife beater (which he has always been). Is the idiot still lurking in Bolton or have the local police moved him on, or should I say his minders.
  10. Adair is still in the Bolton area I think. Bet he's a valued asset to PSNI Intelligence. Whats's he got to loose. I strangley think he will make a return to Belfast in the future.
  11. 'Mad Dog' in town Feb 27 2006

    By The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

    FORMER terrorist chief Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair has been speaking in Huddersfield.
    Reports in Belfast say the convicted Loyalist terrorist gave after-dinner speeches to `football hooligans' in Huddersfield last week.
    Reports also said Adair - who has spent many years in jail for terrorist offences - has been given £100,000 by Lottery lout Michael Carroll.
    Carroll, from Norfolk, who was jailed for violence offences last week, is said to have given Adair the cash after meeting him and his cronies.
    Adair refused to say what he would spend the cash on.

    It is understood he could use the cash to pay for a possible return to Northern Ireland and to attend functions with neo-Nazi groups in Europe.
    Adair said: "It's his decision what to do with the money and I'm not going to go into too much detail about Michael Carroll giving me £100,000.
    "I still have a lot of supporters out there. I am now trying to make a living from speaking to different people about my role in the conflict.
    "If people want to give me money it's up to them. My war is now over and I don't have to discuss with anyone what my personal business is."

    Adair was a founder member of the Ulster Defence Association but was later expelled.
    He became a commander in the Ulster Freedom Fighters and was regarded as one of the leaders of the Loyalist groups in Belfast.

    Sorry ducati but crime apparently DOES pay
  12. Could I be right then on a possible return to Belfast for Adair?. Odds on he will end up like the infamous Doris Day!!!
  13. 20 February 2006
    Former terror chief claims most of his new life in Scotland is spent sleeping
    By John Mceachran

    ULSTER'S notorious Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair yesterday claimed to have muzzled himself after setting up home in Scotland.

    The loyalist hardman vowed to lead the quiet life in Troon, Ayrshire.

    He said: "I am no threat to anyone here. All I do is sleep here. Most of my time is spent in other parts of Scotland.

    "I'm not doing any harm here. I just want to get on with my life."

    Adair, 42, moved to Troon from Bolton, Lancashire, after splitting from his wife Gina and claiming to be tired of constant surveillance by Greater Manchester Police.

    The Adair family were run out of Northern Ireland in 2003 when Gina and her four children fled a loyalist feud over the execution of UDA commander John "Grug" Gregg.

    The family settled in Bolton and Adair joined them when he was flown to England by Army helicopter after his release from Maghaberry Prison, County Antrim, early last year.

    He had been serving a 16-year sentence for directing terrorism after running the UDA's violent C Company before switching to the Ulster Freedom Fighters.

    He is said to have amassed a £4.5million fortune from drugs, money-lending and extortion.

    Adair explained he had decided on Troon because: "It is the next best thing to home."

    But it is also the home of some of his old Loyalist cronies, including former death squad leader Stewart Young and convicted fraudster Mark Morrison.

    He said: "I'm just relaxing now. A few weeks ago, I went up to Glasgow to see UB40 - they're my favourite band. The last time I saw UB40 in Belfast, I got shot in the head at an open air concert. This time in Glasgow no one bothered me."

    Adair said he had no regrets about the loss of life during the 2002-3 loyalist feud which killed Gregg and several other paramilitary leaders.

    He said: "John Gregg boasted that he had four graves dug for all the leaders of C Company, including myself. But it's John Gregg who is in the grave today.

    "Talk is cheap and Gregg shouldn't have threatened C Company because they were dangerous men and women."

    He added: "This is my launching pad. I have supporters in Scotland, I have friends here.

    "I have always said I shall return to Ulster, maybe not in a few weeks, maybe a few months or even years."

    But he added: "I believe the IRA and their statement last July. Their armed struggle is over. I hate them but I believe them when they say they are sincere.

    "It is time for politics. The IRA decommissioned, so the Protestant people should accept that."

    In Troon, Adair has his own flat but sometimes stays at the home of his girlfriend, divorced 42-year-old shopkeeper Linda McIlroy.

    His son Jonathan, 20, dubbed Mad Pup, has also been spotted in Troon.

    But Adair has found his social life seriously hampered by local police who have circulated his picture to bars and businesses

    Stop it you'll have me in tears, I really feel sorry for him. THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Oh well. At least he has gone back to his roots as most of the so called 'Loyalists' aren't Irish but Scottish.IMHO 'Norn Iron's' happy loss is Scotland's sad gain.
  15. It's a bummer being stuck in Troon, the golf, the ferry to Larne to pop across and see old friends OR for not so close friends to pop across and see you. I hope his poodle is guard dog trained.