Raichle boots

I've been offered some Raichle boots for the missus at about £50 off the RRP (not a dodgy source!) and have not previously seen these boots.

They're the "Women's Mountain Trail XT GXT" and from looking over them they seem to be cracking quality. Really good leather upper, vibram sole etc. I'd compare the quality to my lowas - which I'd considered getting for her as well. These Raichle boots are down from £150 to under £100, which would be a significant saving on the Lowas.

Anyone got any experience of these? Are they as well put together as they seem?

I've also been offered some Meindls, which I know are good quality, but not as cheap, so any idea how they compare?

Or should I just get her the Lowas? They've done me sterling service and I'm pretty sure without them I'd currently be on a broken, rather than a sprained ankle!


This brand was very 'on-trend' when they became widely available in UK, but I saw two pairs fall apart in the same week in my trekking group. An aquaintance who worked for one of the larger UK retailers in Manchester confirmed that she had sent 'lots' of pairs back after being returned for the same fault (stitching on the uppers)

Might have been a batch-fault and my recollection is from two years ago, but I personally stick with Meindl or Lowa based on that experience. Sorry if you didn't want to hear that, fifty quid off and all that :D


Raichle, Lowa, Meindl, Scarpe and Salomon are all brands that I have owned over the last 25 years and I have been happy with th equality and performance of all of them.
I've been wearing Raichle for the past year and they're spot on. Much better than the old Berghaus I used to wear.
Have some Raichles which I bought in Bosnia in 2002. Still going strong, although the hooks/D-rings for the laces managed to rust up after a few weeks in the jungle in Central America.

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