Ragnar R


I am researching the history of a yacht currently moored in St Katherine's dock called the Ragnar R. I believe it was a nazi yacht originally - possibly sister to 3 others.

I also believe it was owned by a Colonel Stan Townsend for a time and used by the MoD until the mid-1980's.

I would be glad to hear any tales or see any pictures. It is for an article to appear in the Sunday Express newspaper.


Jane Sherwood

Try here: BKYC 1945 - 1992

There's a piece about Col Townsend and the Ragna R about 3/4 down the page. From this piece it doesn't sound like she was one of the 'Windfall' yachts but that is what I was told when I sailed on her in the mid 80's at Kiel.

BYKC may have more information and photo's.
Hi Jane, hopefully you still use these forums and reply is not wasted. Anyway, during my time in the Army I was a keen sailor and a member of the British Yacht club Kiel in Germany. In 1989 I had the pleasure of sailing Rasmus which was the sister yacht of Ragnar R around Denmark. Both yachts were built by Hitler for himself and Goering for the Olympic games. 44 ft sketch with 100 ft sq m of sail, built from wood with lots of brass involved.

I believe both of these yachts were eventually returned to the Germans.

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