Raggis Killer - 18 years

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by legal_eagle, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. I couldn't find the previous thread so I just started this one...


    The article is a couple of days old. 18 years minimum tariff? Personally I would like to see him go for a short drop and a quick stop Sadam style, I'd happily pull the lever myself, but that's obviously wishful thinking these days.

    When you read the article though; he was thrown out the club, came back armed with a ten inch knife looking for a soldier, any soldier and stabbed Raggi 6 times...if we can't hang him life should mean life for a murder like this, 18 years is not enough....
  2. Cheers, have ammended the link, should work ok now...
  3. Just give him all the drugs he wants and watch him kill himself...
  4. Just bumping this to see what the evening crowd think of this "life" sentence.

    Should we have US style life means life sentences...or as I would like to see, the return of the gallows?
  5. I hope the marks on his face are from the kicking he got from the lads that chased him down. FCUKING scum of the earth bring back the death penalty for cowards like this. :x
  6. A typical sh1te scum chavvy turd, so common in UK now that they are everywhere. Do him like Sadam's cuz, so his empty sh1t filled head pops off, then hunt down his crappy family and slot a few of them fcukers as well, in case they breed.
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    Glad family and friends have a bit of closure. Live should mean life. You take one, yours should be no more. I spoke to the local police after it had happened and even they were shocked.

    Rest easy up there, he'll be joining you some day. Save your strength.
  8. I knew Raggi at 1 Div in the 90s but I only know what I've read in the press about this incident...Did some of the boys chase the cnut down after it happened then??
  9. Although I do not believe in the death penalty I feel that prison should exist as a deterrent to others by having long sentences including life as in life, and for the comforts being removed I have had to live, and pay for the privilage, in much worse accomadation than prisoners reside in. I know I volunteered to serve but they decided to break the law(s).
  10. From the paper.
    As Campbell fled he was advised by Edward Davies, 31, of Heol Penlan, Stopandcall in Fishguard, how to leave the town centre without being filmed by CCTV cameras.

    Campbell ran alongside the river, but he was chased by Alex Herbert, Aled Ward and Marco Scharf.

    I think it makes it very, very hard for soldiers from this country to risk their lives abroad only to lose them here

    Isabelle Ragni

    Mr Herbert managed to kick Campbell, who threatened to stab him.

    The chase continued and he was tackled by Mr Scharf. At that point Mr Ward managed to get the knife from Campbell.

    The court heard how Davies was also on licence from prison at the time.

    He admitted an offence of assisting an offender and was jailed for 15 months. He told police he had not realised how badly injured Mr Ragni was.
  11. I asked Kyhros what he thought the US courts response to the murder of one their soldiers would be....

    I thought as much, our sentencing policy has become a joke...not a very funny one either, this fcuker will be released while he is still young enough to enjoy the remainder of his miserable life..
  12. Hats off to those lads then. Don't think I know any of them but that was a gutsy move considering what the cnut had just done...
  13. The trouble with a sentence that appears unduly lenient or unfair to the victim and their family and friends, is that this may lead to a gang vigilante mentality.
  14. Putting aside the merits of the sentence in this case, I think the problem with sentencing in general is the mindset of politicians.

    Read most criminology texts and you wil find the consensus is that 'vengeance' as a reason for imposing criminal sanctions is somehow wrong and belongs firmly in the past. yet there doesn't seem to be any concrete reason why vengeance is wrong.

    Imo the reasons for imposing criminal sanctions must be public protection, deterrence, vengeance (no partocular order) and lasty, rehabilitation. The fools in the justice system (esp the probation service) seem to think that6 rehab should be the overarching aim when in fact that makes no sense at all. If you lock someone up, you remove him from society and the problem is solved. Once that is done, then think about rehab...not the other way round.

    Sorry - I digress...