Rageh Omaar on why the West should fear the Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. Rageh Omaar on why the West should fear the Taliban and al-Qaeda's hold on Pakistan
    Stronghold of both the Taliban and al-Qaeda, the wild and lawless tribal border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan forms the crucial battleground in the war on terror. Rageh Omaar reports from the front line.

    Last Updated: 9:20AM GMT 19 Mar 2009

    Supporters of Pro-Taliban cleric Sufi Muhammad march in Swat's main city of Mingora, Pakistan Photo: AP
    The stark mountainous northern regions of Pakistan's tribal areas are among the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Yet as Barack Obama's newly appointed special envoy to the region, the famously tough and straight-talking diplomat Richard Holbrooke, has said, Pakistan is the country that scares President Obama and keeps him awake at night more than any other.
    On my assignments to Pakistan in the past two years, it has been hard to believe the country's nightmare could get any worse. It has been heartbreaking to see this nation of more than 170 million people convulsed by political violence that its government seems increasingly incapable of halting. From the assassination of Benazir Bhutto to the almost weekly suicide bomb attacks that go unnoticed by the outside world, every strike by the militants is more audacious than the previous on
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  2. This fella took the devil's gold when he signed for Al Jazeera.
  3. Allah be praised it wasn't Al Shabaab.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Pakistan is the most prominent threat to global security. As I've said before, many members of the ISI support the Taliban and AQ, and what they are trying to achieve. It's only the historical duty of the General Corp that keeps the country in check, periodically deciding when a coup is necessary. There is much distrust and power jockeying between the upper echelons of power in Pakistan, and a lot of it goes back to family/old school ties, tribal affiliation and the General Corp is very selective of who it allows to join its ranks. If they fall, or were infiltrated by Islamists, then its Nuclear jihad time.

    And its not like India need an excuse to kick off on their neighbours. It's almost like they both want to press the red button on each other,.

    I say forget our atrocious folly in attempted to 'save' Afghanistan. Pakistan and its border is the start and end of the problem. There is no other way the Jihadi's can get into the country. They certainly won't be coming through their Shiaa neighbouring lands.
  5. Read the article yet? A good supporter of the Pakistan Army and the huge casualties they are taking on our behalf.
  6. I have a little more time for Rageh than many other journo's. He was warning of this threat long before it kicked off and was being treated as something of a Cassandra by the BBC.

    An interesting article covering part of this 'war' that I had not read about before.
  7. Pakistan needs to start taking some responsability here , get rid of those insane madrasses would be a start.
  8. Life is CHEAP and corruption is RIFE in Pakistan and now THEY have given up a part of the country to the Taliban and AQ, there will now be a steady creep of progression down and across the country and THEY are a Neclear State . . . .
  9. The mere fact that Qatar is prepared to host an Arab centric channel such as AJ, shows those on the Northern side of the Arabian Gulf that there is another way.

    AJ have on occassion provided a platform for some Arabs who might question some of the teachings and norms that we in the West regard as unacceptable. If and when Omar moves to another channel or newspaper, will he be a better or worse journalist for it?

    The standards and objectivity of our own government and its intelligence arm did not pass the moral litmus test when we went into Iraq. If someome has a view that opposed Neu Liarbour and Fox News, perhaps we should be glad that they have the freedom to express themselves?

    PAVEWAY is not the only means of achieveing diplomacy and Reigeme Change
  10. Pretty much the conclusion Omar came to, did you cheat and read it? :)
  11. Scary stuff. This quote opened my eyes...

    So what happens if the Jihadis do take over? China and India join together and unleash the dogs of war?
  12. Rageh Omaar is a spineless little **** who wore a full set of CBA in front of his camera crew, rubbed some dust into his face and then 'went live from the war-zone' to his BBC masters

    all in front of the Palace pizza hut, 20 blokes in mufti, sat in deck chairs drinking pop

    fcking ******