Rage Anyone?



Has anyone played Rage yet?

I've read some of the reviews online and have had a butchers at some of the gameplay videos on youtube and the like and it looks quite good. Has anyone got it yet, and if so would you recommend it?

It is apparently a FPS with some racing and elements of an RPG thrown in and appears to have quite a Fallout style about it.


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I agree it looks quite interesting, but I've heard it get a bit of a slating. Got too many other games on my plate at the minute to warrant investing in this as well, unfortunately.
I thought it was ok-ish. It's nothing like as good as Doom or Quake, ie it isn't a new absolute best game ever, but it's ok. It's rather like Borderlands/Red Faction/Fallout in feel but the world is much smaller than something like Just Cause 2, and appears to be much more linear in feel. The racing is odd as it's almost like a mini-game and doesn't (to me anyway) seem to have much connection with the main business of the game.

It's a good waste of a few hours and does look lovely but not as good as it's made out to be.


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Awesome game. Very much like Fallout - only better
How is an action FPS with vehicle combat anything like Fallout, bar the setting?

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