Rage Against the X Factor

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Crunchie, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Don't normally take part in this sort of thing, but some biker mates asked me to join this.

    Basically there is a group on Facebook and You Tube trying to get as many people as possible to buy Rage Against the Machines classic Killing in the name of between 13-19th Dec to get it to number 1 for Xmas rather than another shite X factor song.

    Thought others may be up for it.
  2. Feel free to name the group !
  3. Sorry

    Rage Against the X Factor, just search it on Facebook, 87000+ so far.

    Somehow can't see them allowing it to get to no1
  4. Allowing it? If enough people buy it, it goes to no 1. Seemples. I've signed, and put a link to all my mates on Facebook too.
  5. Its a good idea to stop reality TV brainwashing the nation for another year.... but come dec 12th dont think 400,000 people are going to spend 79p just for the hell of it
  6. Why not? They already do it every year for a bunch of talentless karaoke singers, there's no reason why they shouldn't do it for this.
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    208000 members
  8. A big difference, of course, between joining a Facebook group and spending the princely sum of 70p on the day. Fingers crossed though.
  9. f*ck you i wont do what you tell me :D
  10. Motherf*cker !!!
  11. Who really cares who has the Christmas Number 1? The managers and agents and the groups themselves. Oh, and the bookies. I don't. If I like a song I'll listen to it whether it is Number 1 or Number 857 in the charts. But then I'm not shallow enough to just buy something because it's fashionable.
  12. The difference this time is people will be purchasing a song that actually has some talent behind it. I've already got it but for the sake of possibly giving the shite factor a kick in the teeth I'll buy it again.
  13. Killing In The Name Of is a great song.

    You simply cannot beat a song that repeats the phrase "f*** you I won't do what you tell me..." in response to that a karaoke-by-numbers X-Factor bo11ocks. My favourite bit is obviously the bit that screams "motherfcuker", on account on me being a sweary-mouthed ruffian.

    The perfect Xmas No1.